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MiniWiki allows you to browse Wikipedia from Apple Watch

MiniWiki is a new app from developer Will Bishop that lets you browse Wikipedia directly from Apple Watch. The app supports features like popular articles around you, offline reading, bookmarks and more.

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When you first open MiniWiki on Apple Watch, you'll see a list of ways to discover articles. You can press "Read Article" and use either your voice or the Apple Watch Scribble keyboard. From there, you are taken directly to the Wikipedia page for that topic.

You can also tap "Search Articles" and search for a topic. This will return a list of all Wikipedia articles related to your search. For example, if you search "Apple", you'll see a list of results, including Apple Inc., the fruit and more.

However, one of the most notable features is "Nearby". By using this feature, MiniWiki will return a list of Wikipedia articles about places and things around you. This is incredibly useful if you are in a new area and want to read about your surroundings.

All features of MiniWiki for Apple Watch also work with mobile connection. This means that if you don't have an iPhone with you, you can still investigate Wikipedia articles directly from Apple Watch. If you don't have a mobile-enabled Apple Watch, you can use the MiniWiki Pro download feature to store offline articles.

Other features of MiniWiki include support for bookmarking articles that you want to return to later, as well as "Most Read" to keep up with popular topics.

MiniWiki is the best way to browse Wikipedia on Apple Watch with ease. From searching across 40 million articles, to download the article for offline reading, MiniWiki has covered you!

MiniWiki was designed from the ground up to compliment Apple Watch's unique screen size, resulting in a smooth and intuitive Wikipedia experience.

MiniWiki is free on the App Store with a "pay what you want" upgrade system for MiniWiki Pro. Read our previous coverage of Nano for Reddit and Chirp for Twitter, Bishop's other two Apple Watch apps.

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