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Missing GPS data reported by someone after updating to watchOS 7

Some Apple Watch owners report missing GPS data after an update to watchOS 7. When registering a workout, only the starting point is saved …

A thread was started on Apple’s support community. From the number of posts, it does not seem to affect a large number of people, but there are enough reports to show that it is a clear problem for some.

I used the Outdoor Walk activity on my Watch, but did not take my iPhone. When I returned and tried to upload the activity to Strava, I received a warning that no GPS / route data was present. I checked the Fitness and Health apps, and surely there was no route on the map ̵

1; just the starting point.

I talked to someone at Apple Support, and they suggested that I turn on / off a few related privacy settings. I have since tried another Outdoor Walk activity, without the phone present, and the problem persists – no GPS / route data.

My wife also tried the same thing tonight, after upgrading the iPhone X and S4 Watch as well. She had the same results – ie with just the clock, no GPS / route information was stored with the activity.

Others said they had experienced the same thing.

“Unfortunately, I have the same problem, but so far there is no solution to it. The map only shows START and not the route or stop. ”

“I have the same problem since upgrading to watchOS7 with Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone 8 Plus ios14. Recorded an outdoor race with only Watch and no GPS map data available, only starting point. Nevertheless, it seems that all other calculations such as distance, height increase, etc. are correct. ”

“Exactly the same issue since upgrading to WatchOS 7.”

“Same problem here. The very first activity after upgrading to ios14 and watchos7 had gps data, but nothing since then. Only the starting point appears. ”

In total, there are ten pages of answers at the time of writing. The reports span the Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5 – that is, all existing models that support the update. Some say that Apple has told them that it is a Strava problem, but others report the same with several apps.

Someone has been able to resolve the issue by unplugging and pairing the Watch again, but another user said this made things worse, and lost existing data from their apps.

The WatchOS 7 update adds a number of new features:

  • New dials
  • Included in the App Store
  • More than one complication per app
  • Dividing dials (via text, email or a link)
  • Sleep tracking and sleep mode
  • Reminder to charge before bedtime if needed
  • Four new workouts
  • Cycling in maps (currently very limited places)
  • Hand wash reminder when you get home, and 20 second monitoring
  • Translation by Siri
  • Dictation on the device
  • Siri shortcuts on the clock (and even as complications)
  • Additional hearing functions (incl. Maximum headphone volume)

Do you see missing GPS data on your watch on watchOS 7? Let us know in the comments.

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