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Mitti 1.5.10 – User-friendly video cooling solution.

Mitti is a modern, functional but user-friendly video playback solution for theater, audiovisual performances, performances and exhibitions.

Note: The published price is the price of a perpetual license. Rental cards are also available.

Version 1.5.10:

  • Improved NMC Master / Follower with Mitti instances
  • Support uncompressed 24-bit RGB codec
  • Rosetta 2 compatibility
  • Crash with NDI when Cue goes in loop
  • Crash during project loading if the audio device has many channels
  • / mitti / findCurrentCue will not work if there are looping signals
  • Transcoding crash under certain circumstances (can not read audio format)
  • Crashes when there is no audio output device at all
  • Cannot play files with transition longer than 1
  • macOS 10.12 or later

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