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MobileVLCKit help: iOSProgramming

I’m in the process of building a personal streaming server / app for a project, and I was facing some issues due to Apple’s HLS requirement to use only fmpeg or TS files for playback. I was hoping to switch from AVKit to MobileVLCKit, but I have not been able to build the framework, and none of the examples I have tried have worked for me.

I have gone through countless posts with flood of stacks, examples, troubleshooting steps, but many of them are quite old and seem to no longer apply.

The closest I could get is to have my own project to build and compile by importing MobileVLCKit using pods and disabling bitcode, but I get stuck during installation (both on simulator and physical device) due to a missing .plist file somewhere in the frame. Does anyone have tips / alternatives to VLCKit?

Thanks !

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