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More Advanced Swift Workshop, and Blog and Book Updates

More Advanced Swift Workshop, and Blog and Book Updates

I hope to resume a regular post plan soon and I will give everyone some updates.

Firstly, I'll have two more Advanced Swift Workshops next month, one in DC on July 13th and one in New York City on July 24th. Click here for it in DC, and here for it in New York City. As with the previous ones, we will cover various advanced topics on Swift programming, with your presentation and a small group with many opportunities for discussion and experimentation.

Secondly, Complete Friday Q & A Volume II is almost complete. Not quite there yet, but the text and layout are done and it is down to some final tweaking and does the job of actually getting it out there. Keep yourself updated.

Last, I hope to resume regular posts in the next couple of weeks. There were some interesting things from WWDC that I would like to write about, plus my usual routine of crazy topics. In particular, I did a thorough analysis of the latest implementation of objc_msgSend for ARM64 for a conversation I would like to write and I would like to write something about Swift's new Codable thing. As always, I'm driven by reading suggestions, so if you have anything from WWDC you want to see or something that's not related, you think it was cool, send it in!

Do you like this article? I sell all the books full of them! Volumes II and III are now out! They are available as ePub, PDF, Print, and on iBooks and Kindle. Click here for more information.

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