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Move the pointer around the screen and other iPhone and iPad tips

  Tips "class =" asset asset image at-xid-6a010535fde333970c022ad37d12ab200c img-responsive "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c022ad37d12ab200c-100wi "style =" width: 80px; margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; "title =" Tips "/> In the past week or so on Twitter, I suddenly saw many people talking about how fun it is that you can easily move the cursor around the screen of an iPhone when you want to go back and change some text. have even got more people to send me email to make sure I know about the tip. (Thank you!) To use this feature, simply hold down the spacebar for one second and then change the keyboard to a If you have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, instead, tap the keyboard to switch to the trackpad. It's a very useful tip and I'm using it all the time, but I'm still not sure what did The tip is going viral last week. </p>
<p>  A lot about this tip goes viral is that it was asked many other people to suggest some other iPhone and iPad tips that may not be so obvious, but it's quite useful. two of the best I recommend to you. Maybe you already know about someone ips, but you obbably do not know all of them. First, if you want to read some tips, check out 9 Hidden iPhone features that make life easier by Jason Quick on Tom's Guide. Great stuff. Second, if you prefer to just sit back and watch for some tips, check out this very useful video by Rene Ritchie, part of his Vector Video Podcast: </p>
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