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So I have been given the task of helping to build a set-up for a new and unique place that will stream live performances from bands. This place has a great atmosphere, it is quite hidden without being very remote, it is a pretty perfect place to have secret concerts, especially if they are only online to put it that way. I know you can do it anywhere, but we hope that if we can get a couple of higher profile bands to play, more will follow, and it will be a trendy thing for bands to do.

Either way, we have an outdoor Ethernet cable that runs 200 MB of internet to the room. I also need to distribute this to a few buildings and a wireless AP or two. I was planning how to do this when I suddenly realized that I have no idea what kind of connections people are using to cameras these days when building a multi-camera setup. I consulted a couple of experts to learn that there are many ways this can be done at different levels. HDMI and SDI are the preferred options for wiring the cameras, but the cameras, capture cards (if needed) and adapters between HDMI / Ethernet / SDI are quite expensive sets.

I was recommended to get a box called ATEM Mini / Pro which looks business at a reasonable price, but it has a super long waiting list and it still left me wondering about cameras. Many people seem to use SLR cameras, but they turn off after 30 minutes for tax reasons. I guess you can get the firmware hacked if you look, but meh.

I think what I will do for now is use MBP and OBS to handle streaming, at least for testing. I̵

7;m thinking of phones for the cameras. As a test I will use my iPhone 11, the client recently bought Huawei because the camera is good, so maybe I can add it as the other camera. I’ve played with a couple of apps that provide wireless access to the cameras, and while they work, there’s a bad delay, and this would get worse if there was any kind of crowd around, so I’d think lighting / USB to Ethernet for phones. Then I can just drive the Cat5e around where I need to, and hopefully it will handle the hanging one pretty well. I have a cheap adapter on order, but did not notice before I bought it, Amazon does not deliver in a couple of weeks.

Does this sound realistic? I’m not even sure what the budget is yet, but I think if this setup works, we can just go out and get new iPhone SEs or used iPhone 8s or something to make cheap but decent cameras. There are even PoE versions of the adapter, so I do not have to worry about charging. (It is ten times more than the powerless lightning for ethernet unfortunately, but still far cheaper than any kind of adapter to use an SLR camera or turn ethernet into HDMI).

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of doing such a thing?

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