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Multiplication of Apple's store number is not the sweet solution to the customer experience many hopes for

Since Apple announced that Angela Ahrendts is transferring its role as senior vice president of Retail to long-term leader Deirdre O & # 39; Brien, many Apple enthusiasts have come to the conclusion that the company's stores are in great need of radical change. Valid complaints about low agreement availability, slow service and overpopulation have blossomed into an online meme that Apple Store visits become as uncomfortable as DMV. One of the most prescribed antidotes is to "just build more stores."

12 "MacBook

Critics claim that by simply increasing their store, Apple can solve capacity problems and get a better retailer. My colleague Ben Lovejoy echoes the feeling and said," Open some more damn stores! Can anyone explain why Apple doesn't do this? "Sure.

The Statistics

Let's start by looking at facts. Apple Today, 506 stores operate on five continents, about half of which are concentrated in the US. stores seem like a lot, it's about half the places Best Buy operates, and a small fraction of the 28,000+ Starbucks Apple's sales outlets of over 70,000 employees handle the traffic of more than 500 million visitors a year.

In a press release from December 2018 announced a new Austin, Texas c ampus, Apple said it "plans to add more stores and reimagine the customer experience at many existing outlets across the country." Another press release in January, announcing the rollout of 58 new ones. Apple Sessions noted, "Apple is upgrading its existing fleet of design elements stores that are increasing the store's day on Apple sessions and capacity. "

How will these changes manifest?

 Apple Store Under Construction

In 2018, Apple added nine retail outlets (designated with a new store number) and rebuilt or moved 17 existing stores to larger and larger ones. More modern spaces 24 stores received facelift by losing their Genius bars for the benefit of forums and video walls, each of which has been detailed in our comprehensive 2018 Apple Retail Field Guide, and in 2019, Apple plans to create 70 new forums, which means that a slightly faster pace of progress can be expected. From the publication only one place has a final end date.


So why not just turn up the switch? To advocate for a rapid expansion, tragically, reduces the Goliath bet Going into opening a modern Apple store Although you may be happy with a fleet in the modest shopping malls in the iPod era, it's certainly not Apple. Sometimes it is thought of the stores as their "biggest product". In the same way that new iPhone features are implemented with care, Apple's retail development follows similarly indifferent on-site scrutiny and building design. Although Apple decided to double its store today, the results would not begin to show for another 2-3 years.

If you can't visit a modern Apple store that has finished in the past year or two, burn the Apple Store app on your iPhone and browse the list. Even the smallest storehouses require more attention to detail and architectural skill than flagships in years past. As older designs shake out of the project queue, the minimum standards will only increase. Take a look at the nine brand new locations opened last year:

 flagship Apple stores

These are the kind of new stores Apple now opens, and no less. Ask for a substantial inventory in the store, ask Apple to crush out an endless amount of award-winning landmark destinations. If you subscribe to the idea that the store is a product, ask for more modest stores, such as wanting Apple to compromise on hardware quality. A decade-long news cycle of doom and stupidity in retail has endlessly proven that being average is dying.

The People

The Scaling Store counter also puts a strain on talent and training of qualified employees. In the wake of Angela Ahrend's retirement, some have urged Apple to roll back its community initiatives and become fully service-oriented. That will not happen. Today at Apple is a big part of Retail now, and it won't just go away. Would Apple have spent the last 25 months renovating the most sought after commercial property on Fifth Avenue in New York City to be more suitable for sessions if this wasn't an important part of the strategy?

In many new places and in large markets, Apple offers exclusive today at Apple performances and events as well as the normal directory of sessions. In addition to the 3,000+ Creative Pros who are already specialized in teaching conversations, constant planning of new original content requires local teams of program makers and living communities of talented artists who are willing to share their work.

 modern Apple Store

Pragmatic Thinking

"We are now opening fewer, larger stores so you can have the full experience of everything that is Apple," Angela Ahrendts said just last month in an interview with Vogue Business. Betting against official company language is rarely productive, even when the person who spoke it will soon succeed.

As the store openings fall, the store closure can also increase. Apple closed a store for the first time in 2016 and has since closed seven places, including one this year in Japan. All of these places were either massively outdated or out of alignment with the future of retail.

Assuming the company's global store number will fluctuate slightly over 500 in the foreseeable future, we should encourage Apple to use razor-sharp focus on the excitement of support and service offered in existing locations rather than stretching already exhausted resources. Outside the stores, enhancements to the Apple Support app and enhanced software, ease of use can reduce the overall support load.

A balloon footprint results in neglect and deterioration. Pruning branches helps every store thrive.

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