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Music Helix Ball – ZhenQi Huang

  ZhenQi Huang - Music Helix Ball artwork

Music Helix Ball

ZhenQi Huang

Genre: Games

Release Date: February 1

3, 2019

Click on your screen and let the ball dance with the beautiful music, perform a rhythmic sprint to break the glass wall and collect musical symbols so that the upper energy tank reaches full speed as quickly as possible.

Puzzle Mode [19659008] Click on the block to change the shape of the block. Once you have determined the shape, swipe up. Please try not to give a gap, otherwise the blocks will be collected and cannot be eliminated. Only the spiral track that fills the entire row can be eliminated.


– Simple and smooth touch with a touch
– Rich game scenes and music
– Specially designed to give you a comfortable experience. exciting levels

© © Huang

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