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Must have accessories for new Mac owners

You made the plunge. You get a new Mac (or maybe you already ordered one and you're eagerly awaiting delivery). While most PC accessories work fine with Apple's computer, there are a few things you will want to really connect the room with your beautiful new Mac aesthetics. Here is a list of accessories you want to get started right away.

Staff Favorite

One of the most important things to do is back up your computer's data on a regular basis. Seagate Backup Plus can give you up to 5 TB of space to store all your important files, or just back up the entire drive if anything happens. This station also comes in several color choices.

$ 50 up on Amazon

You need a good keyboard and mouse if you have an iMac or plan to use a monitor with the MacBook, or even plug it on a tripod. The MK850 combination from Logitech gives you a quiet but comfortable keyboard to print dozens of words per minute, and the contoured right-handed mouse is ergonomic. We like Logitech products, and the MK850 combination is a great value.

$ 76 on Amazon

These compact speakers provide a powerful, solid sound. The convenient control pad allows you to adjust or mute the volume, connect headphones, or even add another audio device to the speakers. The sound quality is also natural and rich, and will fill up any room.

$ 249 on Amazon

If you only have a newer Mac, you may not have an optical drive, as it is mostly outdated these days for digital downloads. But if you really need it, the USB SuperDrive gives you an optical drive for your Mac. Just connect it via USB-A (a USB-C hub is required for USB-C Macs).

$ 79 on Amazon

If you have a portable Mac and want a bigger and better screen, pick it up. It has a resolution of the 3840-by-2160 with P3 wide color, so it only gives you the best and most vibrant colors. It also features built-in stereo speakers, two Thunderbolt 3 and three USB-C ports for a wide range of flexibility. This is a must for MacBook (clamshell mode) and Mac Mini users.

$ 700 at Apple

As new as the MacBook is, you probably won't be on the all day, and maybe you'll save a bit of desktop tracks. Or if you prefer to work in clamshell mode, you will have MacBook hidden away somewhere. Twelve South BookArc is an elegant and beautiful stand that holds the MacBook upright and gives you plenty of space. The cables are nicely secluded, but accessible, and the MacBook is elevated. It comes in color to match your MacBook.

$ 50 on Amzon

MacBook is bound to run little juice while traveling with it, and outlets will not always be available. Mophie Powerstation The USB-C XXL battery is a large animal that boasts 19500mAh juice, which is enough to extend the battery of the MacBook by another 14 hours. It has USB-C PD I / O for fast charging and you can also use it for other USB-C or USB-A devices.

$ 149 on Amazon

When Apple decided to switch to USB-C, they all went out, as all the ports you get with a new Mac are now. Fortunately, the Satechi Multi-Port adapter brings back the old ports for your existing accessories. The hub has a 4K HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C transparent charge, SD card reader and three USB-A ports. Everything while keeping and slim and slim profile.

$ 80 on Amazon

Need more than a 4K display? Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock lets you connect your MacBook to two 4K monitors simultaneously. This can also recharge your MacBook up to 85W, support a 5K monitor, two USB-C ports and three more USB-A ports for all your needs.

$ 250 on Amazon

This simple and affordable sleeve will keep your 15-inch MacBook Pro safe and sound. The outside is constructed of a nylon material that is durable and easy to clean. The interior features a plush microfibre liner to keep the MacBook Pro scratch free and dirt free. An outside pocket means you can take some cables and smaller accessories with you, like hubs. It comes in a variety of colors, and there are versions for different MacBook models.

$ 21 on Amazon

VERO Sleeve is our favorite because it is made of a premium, high-grade full grain leather. The MacBook is easily accessible, and the discreet clippings let you charge it while it's still tucked away in the sleeve. The skin develops a nice patina over time, and it is super stylish and professional.

$ 119 up on Waterfield Designs

If you prefer to listen to audio through the headphones instead of speakers, grab Beoplay H6 from Bang & Olufsen. These headphones provide authentic, well-balanced and natural sound to your earbuds. They are also lightweight, comfortable and made of premium materials that look amazing. They are expensive but well worth it if you can take them.

$ 300 on Amazon

Here are some suggestions

All of these are optional, but they definitely help improve the overall experience with your new Mac, whether it's an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, or even a Mac Mini. Here are some elements that we cannot do outside of our personal setup.

First, we recommend that you take a Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive, because backs up your data is super important ! We spend hundreds of hours on our computers for school, work, personal projects, memories and many other important things. It's so easy to avoid losing all those incredibly important data just by backing up your computer.

We also love VERO Sleeve from Waterfield Designs. The only hide that it is made of is super high quality and feels incredible. Accessing our computer is a simple affair, and the clip allows us to recharge and protect at the same time without any problem. I also recommend the Satechi Multi-Port Adapter because it is quite affordable and offers all the necessary ports you might need when transferring to a USB-C-only Mac.

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