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My experience with watchOS 7 Sleep Tracking: AppleWatch

On August 11, I installed watchOS 7 Public Beta on the Apple Watch. Since then, I have been using the watchOS 7’s built-in Sleep Tracking feature every day. Here are my thoughts.

When Apple raised the issue of Sleep Tracking on the Apple Watch during their worldwide developer conference in June, I saw no point. What information provides sleep tracking. You slept well, you slept badly, you were awake from 01.00 to 03.00. It just did not seem very useful to me. But I decided to give it a try. I have not used any other sleep tracking apps before, nor have I ever used a bed clock. August 11 was a night with many first-timers.

The first problem I had ̵

1; charging. The Apple Watch will remind you to charge before bedtime if the battery is below 30%. But that’s the problem. Now I have to set aside some time to recharge if I can before bedtime, or I have to remember to set the clock on the charger when doing things that would not be a good activity to use a clock under (such as taking a shower). It was not difficult to overcome this, but it felt a little inconvenient.

Second number, remember to set the clock before bedtime. Before I use sleep tracking, I always take off my watch when I get ready for bed and do not put it back on until I wake up in the morning. With sleep tracking, I had to remember to set the clock before I let myself break this habit. There were many times I forgot to turn on the clock, and my sleep tracking data was quite skewed for a few days when the Apple Watch thought I had not slept that night.

Third edition – comfort. Sometimes it just does not feel right to wear this large thing on my wrist all night. Sure, the silent tap alarm is much nicer to wake up to than the stock alarm songs Apple gives you, but is comfort really worth giving up for such a small advantage?

These are some of the problems I have had with sleep tracking. None of this is really Apple Watch itself or watchOS fault. These are questions that most likely bother you everyone forms of sleep tracking on a smartwatch. And it’s not that bad. There are clear benefits to sleep tracking / sleep mode on the Apple Watch. You get a wealth of extra heart rate and oxygen data in your blood throughout the night, a healthy and graceful encouragement to turn off the electronics a few minutes before you go to bed, and as mentioned earlier, the quiet tap alert instead of the peaceful sounds like “Early Riser “and” First Light “.

This post is not intended to bash Apple, Apple Watch, Sleep Tracking or anyone using these products / services. I just thought some of you would enjoy some insight from an Apple Watch user on this amazing subreddit. I would like to hear about your experiences with watchOS Sleep Tracking (Apple or third party) in the comments 🙂

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