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My first app – Morse

Started working on my first app this summer on an idea I had a year ago. It still has some ways to go, but I'm finally comfortable sharing it. I am a 19 year old college student. I found this sub while working on it and would not have managed to complete it without you. Check it out here.

The concept of this app is this: You log on 2 different accounts on 2 iPhones. Have 1 iphone in "My room" and have the other type of iPhone in the other person's username and click "Join". Then tap the screen and the other phone vibrates so you can use Morse code! (The top is a long buzz, the bottom is a short buzz)

Join my room "maxterr" and I can be in there, so give me a buzz! Let me know what you think! I'd like to hear from you, I'm so glad I'm at the point I can share this! If you want to follow my development in the future, follow my instagram, @morseMessenger, I'll post things there soon.

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