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My saga with the best email app

  Spark Email apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad are not a decade. Some are even smaller. One of the best email apps remains free. Yes, I know the shoe will fall one day. Free apps as good as the Spark email app may not be free forever.

This is my story about the email app I've come to rely on more than Apple's venerable Mail app. Yes, the latter has several features, but I have to chew quickly via email, manage many different accounts, and that's what Spark did. Until Wednesday.

No. Love. Lost.

The problem with email is the love-hate relationship. We love to hate email. Next comes Spark ̵

1; free on Mac, iPhone and iPad – and makes email easier and more productive than ever. Movements work to help users fly through a crowded inbox. Sync means that all accounts are displayed on all devices.

Even the Spark app for Watch is good. Spark is fast, elegant, polished and has just the basic features most of us need. Check out the sleek design of Spark for Mac.

 Spark for Mac

Spark is not just about simplicity because it has many features. It handles most email accounts and opens and displays IMAP folders with ease. Not only does Spark synchronize accounts between devices, it also has a new team feature to work with team members on specific items privately.

Calendar is built-in. Search is fast. Set up reminders. Use quick answers. Or send messages to other Mac, iPhone or iPad applications.

My favorite feature is the Send Later feature, and it works on macOS and iOS. Check out how simple and straightforward email can be, and compare this image to Apple's own Mac Mail app.

 Spark for Mac

Elegant, no? And Spark works just like that. Elegant. Fast. Efficient. Or at least Spark behaved like this until the last upgrade. Then two very strange and unexpected things happened.

First, Spark's upgrade would not upgrade. Well, the upgrade happened, but Spark failed to sync accounts – and I have many email accounts and custom settings. Oddly enough, an attempt to restart resulted in a request to sign in to Google. I don't have a Gmail account.

This back and forth went over more than an hour. Right after I sent a message to Spark's support team, the Mac synchronized perfectly. It left the iPhone as the only culprit. Several reboots did nothing. Spark couldn't find all of my accounts and still insisted that I sign in with my non-existent Gmail account.

Second, Spark's support team (thanks to the Mac version figuring out what to do) responded with a few suggestions, one of which worked perfectly. Spark was alive and back in business.

When was the last time you received a response email back within minutes?

Here's the deal. I hate email. I love using Spark (especially on the iPhone). Spark is free. Nothing so good stays free forever, so I know the other shoe will drop someday, and when it does, I hope it doesn't land on the big toe – it's the one I use for Touch ID to buy applications.

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