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Need help deciding …: AppleWatch

So my birthday is in a few weeks, and then I will have enough money to get a smart watch. For many years I have been against it, but I had a Fitbit charge for a while and liked to have something like that on my wrist, but did not like the limited functionality. I took it off for a few months and I miss having something on my wrist but want more than it can offer.

So I can either buy an Apple Watch or a Galaxy Watch. I'm a little torn between the two, because I really don't care about Apple's form factor, weight, and the price point is still a bit nerve-wracking for me. I like the Galaxy Watch as it is round, slightly cheaper and lighter than the Apple Watch, but I know I won't get full functionality with my Xs.

Looking for insights that are not biased and about someone who was initially put off by the square face but ended up liking it ?? I really don't want to waste my money, I won't get a chance like this again soon. (#adultingamirite?)

Also, I just wanted to get the GPS edition, don't have the money or need the LTE version.

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