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Netflix removes 30-day free trial in US

Netflix is ​​launching its 30-day free trial in the United States this month. Netflix has removed the trial option in various regions over the past two years.

Netflix settings
Netflix settings

Adam Levy for The Motley Fool:

Tight wallets fans of Kronen will have to pay for a Netflix subscription next month instead of signing up for a free trial.

Investors should not see any negative impact of removing the free trial period in the United States. In fact, Netflix should have done away with free trials many years ago.

Almost everyone in the United States knows what Netflix is ​​all about, and if it’s something they’re interested in paying for … People already know about Netflix’s popular franchises, and have known about them for years.

Meanwhile, Apple recently extended its 12-month free trial of Apple TV + for buyers of new devices. Apple has had trouble finding an audience for its service, and only a few of the series can be considered well-known. Apple needs to maintain its free trials to give viewers a chance to see if Apple + is something they’re interested in.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Netflix could and should have eliminated its free trial before. Apple TV + needs to keep free trial periods because the service continues to establish itself and the more people who are exposed to high-quality products such as Ted Lasso, The morning show‘Tom Hanks’ Greyhoundetc. on Apple TV +, the better.

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