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New Apple ad throws a spotlight on privacy

Apple shows its strong privacy position in its latest ad, which shows everyday people sharing facts about themselves in the physical world just as they do online, including a guy who loudly announces on the bus that he is looking for divorce lawyers and a woman who informs a waiter . exactly when she bought prenatal vitamins and four pregnancy tests. It’s a funny but telling illustration of how unacceptable we would find it if the data like Facebook, Google and the many secret ad tracking companies were held over were revealed in the real world.

Daring Fireball̵

7;s John Gruber elaborates on Apple’s points in his comment:

They have zero right, no one, to tracking they have gotten away with. We as a society have implicitly accepted it because we never really noticed it. You, the user, have no way of seeing it happen. Our brain is naturally set on detecting and rejecting viscerally, with rebellion and alarm, real intrusion into our privacy. Real marketers could never get away with tracking us the way online marketers do.

Apple released this ad in the middle of a controversy over a new feature in iOS 14 that would make apps ask for permission before they are tracked, which has caused people like Facebook to freak out. Apple recently said it would delay implementation of the feature to give developers more time to adjust, but we hope Apple does not succumb to pressure from advertisers and remove it completely.

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