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New Apple Watch Faces: AppleWatch

Good night, I’m here to give you something new, which many may already know, but many do not. I am referring to 100% leggy Apple Watch Faces.

There are some apps that I do not recommend you use like Clockology and especially JimWatch. These two apps are third-party apps, they consume battery life and are questionable.

From the moment Apple announced that Apple dials would be shareable, many users began creating projects that are already available and available to users.

I found this site / community and I tried it myself.


There may already be many other even better communities, but I found this one and I recommend it to anyone who wants to use it because they are uploading new stuff every day

I leave an example of some watches below.

Greetings from a user of an Apple Watch Series 4 44mm running WatchOS 7.0 Beta.

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