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New faster Apple TV 4K can come with remote to have Find my app support

Since Apple is ready to announce many new products in the coming years, a most sought-after product may have to wait until next year – the new, updated and faster Apple TV 4K. This was highlighted in a Bloomberg report.

However, when the new Apple TV arrives, a few major changes can be expected.

At the top of the list of improvements, an upgraded, more capable processor will be as expected. It is believed that the idea here would be to let enhanced games be part of the Apple Arcade service. Bloomberg, interestingly, has also claimed that a new remote control will be added to the package that will come complete with a new feature that allows people to easily find it when it is inevitably missing.

According to the report, “Apple has also developed a new Apple TV box with a faster processor for improved gaming and an upgraded remote control, but the device may not ship next year, according to people familiar with the development. The company is working on a feature for the new remote control similar to Find My iPhone, which will make TV accessories easier to find. ”

What is unfortunate is that the report does not mention anything related to the change in the design of the new Apple TV 4K remote control.

At the moment, Apple TV 4k comes with Siri Remote, which is not really a great design, and people often struggle to identify if it is around. The remote control is also quite fragile due to its glass construction, nor is it ideal.

According to Bloomberg, Apple users may have to wait until next year before Apple launches the new and upgraded Apple TV 4k.

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