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New HyperJuice USB-C battery pack offers 130W power and 27,000mAh capacity

Today, Hyper announced the launch of its new HyperJuice 130W Dual USB-C battery pack, which is now available for purchase after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The new HyperJuice battery pack is equipped with two USB-C ports, one that is able to make a maximum of 100W power and one second capable of 60W, which means it can be used to charge some of Apple's USB-C laptops, including the 87W MacBook Pro. There is also an 18W USB-A port.

With this port combination you can charge a MacBook Pro iPad Pro and iPhone at the maximum charging speed all at once.

Hyper says the new battery pack is the first in the world to support the 1

00W USB-C Power Delivery profile.

There is a 27,000mAh battery inside the HyperJuice battery pack, which will fully charge a MacBook Pro machine. This battery pack meets flight regulations and can be transported on a plane.

The HyperJuice USB-C battery pack is made of silver or silver gray aluminum designed to match Apple products and weighs just over a pound.

With an optional 112W power adapter, the HyperJuice battery pack can be charged in just one hour, which is impressive for a high capacity battery pack. Passthrough charging is supported so you can charge the battery while charging the devices.

You can get the HyperJuice 130W Dual USB-C battery pack from the B&B Photo to $ 200, or buy a package that includes the optional 250W optional 250W AC adapter from the Hyper site.

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