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New leak indicates that Apple is working on a collapsible iPhone – BGR

  • A new iPhone rumor claims that Apple recently ordered a ‘large number’ of folding screens from Samsung.
  • There is no word on whether a collapsible iPhone will ever be released, but rumor has it that Apple has been working on various prototype designs for quite some time.
  • Foldable smartphones have not taken the world by storm, but recent efforts from Samsung suggest that there may be a market for such a device.

An interesting leak that appeared Weibo This week, Apple claims it recently ordered a “large number” of folding screens from Samsung. The screens are said to be examples of different prototype designs, which means that the report, although true, does not guarantee that we will see a collapsible iPhone store shelf anytime soon.

Remember that Apple has a penchant for exploring many different product designers and new products that never see the light of day. As a good example, remember that Apple toyed with the idea of ​​introducing a branded HDTV for years before deciding to abandon the initiative altogether. We saw a similar situation play out more recently among rumors Apple planned to design its own electric car.

That said, it̵

7;s not strange to assume that we’ll see a foldable iPhone at some point in the future, if not just because Samsung has seen some success in the area over the past year and a half. Sure, the original Galaxy Fold was nothing short of ridiculous, but the relatively newer Galaxy Z Flip turned out to be an appealing and exciting device.

In addition, we’ve seen previous reports suggest that Apple is making some heavy prototypes with collapsible iPhone designs. In particular, the noted leaker Jon Prosser said back in June that Apple was working on a collapsible iPhone with “two separate display panels on a hinge” and “round, stainless steel edges” that are similar to the current iPhone 11 design. Prosser added that Apple’s current collapsible iPhone prototype does not boast a notch, but includes a “small forehead” across the screen that houses Face ID and a selection of other sensors.

“Memes are fun,” Prosser said. “But it does not look like they just stuck two phones together. Although they are two separate panels, it looks quite continuous and seamless when the screens are expanded. ”

Pros generally have a solid track record in terms of Apple rumors, so this is a lump worth noting. It is also worth noting that Apple has filed a number of patents involving collapsible display technologies.

A patent that emerged during July illustrates a collapsible unit that bends in a slightly off-center position.

This design means that part of the screen can always remain visible and in turn allow users to take a quick look at alerts and other relevant information.

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