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New patent registrations show that Apple is releasing their upcoming AirPods Studio headphones

AirPods Studio Patent

It seems that Apple has worked hard to make a better set of advanced headphones. I figured we’d just get a soup pair of Beat Studio boxes with the latest Apple H1 chip, but it seems that Apple is aiming much higher with AirPods Studios to be released soon. A series of patents that were filed in May, but which were published today, reveal some of what they have been doing on the design side.

The four new patents are marked Headphones with increased back volume, Headphones with magnetic sensor, Headphones with detachable earpieces and Headphones with telescopic style mounting. While the magnetic sensors that will detect the direction of the headphones and switch left and right sides based on how they are worn and the removable earbuds were predicted a few months ago, the telescopic stem design is a new development.

This new design allows the new AirPods Studio to fold flat, making transportation easier.

AirPods Studio patents

Another interesting element in this design is the “spring band”, which is referred to in the patent archive. I’m curious to see if this tape will be able to fit the user’s head. The inherent flexibility of this design can allow it. My Beats Solo Pros has a flexible plastic strap that is quite comfortable, but this can be a real step forward for the classic metal frame design that was popular among older headphones. If Apple pulls it off, we coldly see a wave of retro headphone designs.

I’ve been ready to get hold of Apple’s upcoming AirPods Studio since they were first rumored, and these new archives certainly do not help. The good news is that Apple usually asks for delays in patent publications until just before a product is released. The fact that these appeared today means that a release next Tuesday or Wednesday together with an iPad Air and Apple Watch (depending on which Apple leaker you think more) is a real possibility.

The Air Pods Studio release may still be delayed until the iPhone announcement in October, but I’m betting on sooner rather than later after today. My money is ready Apple. Come and take it.

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