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New survey says that 3 out of 10 Android users rate iPhone 12 – BGR

  • Nearly 33% of Android users surveyed in a recent survey said they are considering upgrading to the upcoming iPhone 12.
  • The main reason for switching to iPhone has nothing to do with the rumored iPhone 12 features. Android users have marked longer software support that iPhones usually get, and Apple’s better privacy protection as reasons to ditch iPhone.
  • The rumor of the iPhone 12 is also a surprising reason to leave Android. Most Android flagships for Android have been significantly more expensive than the cheapest iPhone 11 version.

October 13 is not just the rumored iPhone event date, as Apple continued on Tuesday and announced that the iPhone 1

2 virtual press conference will take place on that date. Apple is expected to unveil some other products at the show, but the iPhone 12 will be the star of the show. Coming in four versions, the iPhone 12 will bring over several features that were not available from the iPhone line before. The list includes faster processors, more RAM, OLED screens across the board, LiDAR cameras, a compact model, a new design and 5G connectivity. According to recent reports, the cheaper phones will be cheaper than many Android users, while the Pro models will cost as much as this year’s Android flagship. The downside of bringing 5G connectivity to all iPhones is that Apple had to make some compromises to keep the price down. One way to do this is to remove the free EarPods and USB charger from the iPhone box.

Apart from the faster A14 Bionic chip that was confirmed a few weeks ago, none of the above features are official. But we’ve seen enough iPhone 12 rumors so far to have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the next generation of devices. And the latest iPhone 12 package may be interesting enough to convert more Android users to iOS. A new survey says that around 33% of respondents would consider switching to iPhone 12.

According to Sell ​​Cell, over 2000 Android users in America were surveyed, and almost 33% said they would consider getting an iPhone 12 as the next phone.

The compact iPhone 12 Mini is the most popular choice (48.1%), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (22.9%) is the second option.

The main reasons for switching to iPhone 12 are not really related to the iPhone 12 itself – longer software support (55.9%) and better privacy (48.8%). These have always been the main strengths of iOS, regardless of the hardware.

The compact form factor (36.9%) is the third most popular reason to get the iPhone 12. And 30.9% of Android users surveyed said that Apple’s better prices can convince them to switch. The 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini is said to start at $ 649, which would be even cheaper than the $ 699 Pixel 5.

Better features (24.7%), 5G connectivity (19%) and better user interface (12.1%) are the other reasons that Android users mentioned to consider an upgrade to iPhone 12.

The survey also showed that 36% of Android users would consider buying an iPad model for 2020, and 66.7% of them chose the new 8th generation iPad instead of the iPad Air 2020. A lower percentage (17.1% ) of the surveyed Android users said they would get an Apple Watch by 2020, with 73.5% of those choosing cheaper Apple Watch SE over Series 6.

A similar survey from the same Sell ​​Cell showed that 4 out of 10 iPhone users intend to upgrade to iPhone 2, out of 2500 respondents.

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