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New video shows an iPhone 12 design with a big change from previous leaks – BGR

  • The release date for the iPhone 12 has been delayed due to the new corona virus, and Apple is now expected to unveil the iPhone 12 series in mid-October.
  • A short video leak shows us the alleged design of the iPhone 12 Pro, including the significant design changes expected for this year’s iPhone generation.
  • Much of the new design is in line with previous rumors, but the rear camera layout is much different from the leaks we have seen in the last six months.

If this was a normal year, iPhone 12 pre-orders would have started on Friday, a few days after Apple’s iPhone press conference in mid-September. But a little pathogen ruined everything about normal life. The new coronavirus forced governments to impose locks and travel restrictions in the first months of the pandemic, in an effort to curb outbreaks. Some countries were more successful than others, but the restrictions affected everything. The new iPhone generation was not spared either, and Apple was forced to postpone the production and launch of the iPhone 1

2 series.

Apple confirmed the delays a few months ago, signaling that the September quarter does not include sales of the iPhone 12. Since then, we saw a number of rumors that Apple would launch a couple of new iPhones in late October, with the remaining two Pro models to come arrive later in November. Apple is planning an online press release for September 15, but it seems to be centered on the next generation Apple Watch. Other Apple products are expected at the show, including the new iPad Air and the 8th generation iPad, but not the iPhone 12. That’s what experts say, but we do not know until next week. While we wait, we have a brand new video leak showing the alleged design of the iPhone 12.

YouTuber EverythingApplePro posted on Twitter a 5-second clip of the iPhone 12 Pro chassis, an important component of the handset that seems to confirm the phone’s final design. The iPhone 12 will feature the first significant design change since the iPhone X. Apple has dropped the rounded edges of the iPhone X in favor of flatter edges like the old iPhone 5 and newer iPad Pro models. Rumor has it that the new iPhone series would offer a mix between the iPhone 4 design and the iPad Pro when it comes to the metal frame, and this video seems to confirm that.

The clip also gives us a look at the rear panel and main camera, and we look at cutouts for three primary sensors. The smaller holes hold the flash and the LiDAR sensor. It’s the same extra sensor that Apple introduced with the iPad Pro earlier this year, which will be used for augmented reality (AR) features on these devices. The camera bump does not appear to be as prominent as expected, and it is much different from previous leaks we saw, which suggested that the LiDAR sensor would be much larger.

Other changes concern the placement of the SIM tray, which has moved to the left side of the handset. On the right side is a strange clipboard that can house the extra 5G antenna that the iPhone 12 Pro needs to connect to 5G networks.

All four iPhone 12 handsets offer 5G support, which requires specialized components, as it is not just a Qualcomm modem that enables 5G connectivity. These phones also require 5G antennas. This may explain the new design of the handset. The flatter edges can help Apple use as much internal space as possible to accommodate all the necessary components without sacrificing battery life. There is only speculation at this point, especially considering that the chassis in the video above cannot be confirmed.

The iPhone 12 screen may not appear in this clip, but we expect it to contain the notch we have become accustomed to since the iPhone X. However, the notch may be a little smaller on Apple’s new iPhones.

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