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Next Apple TV and HomePod Mini can use Ultra Wideband to track your location at home

Apple TV and HomePod

Last year, Apple introduced a new U1

chip in the iPhone 11 series that enables support for Ultra Wideband to provide better spatial awareness. It makes it possible to measure the distance between devices with Ultra Wideband support accurately by recording the time that a radio wave takes to reach from one device to another. And it’s much more accurate than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE.

So far, the technology has only been used by Apple to power a directional AirDrop feature that came in iOS 13. Earlier in 2020, it was confirmed that the iPad Pro 2020 did not have that U1 chip. However, Apple included the chip in the Apple Watch Series 6 and assured users that they still have not dumped the Ultra Wideband technology.

Probably the most advanced feature of the rumor for these U1 chips is related to the new AirTags product trackers from Apple that have not been launched yet. Earlier in June, the Cupertino-based smartphone maker also unveiled the developers’ U1 chip along with the “Nearby Interaction” framework introduced in iOS 14, which would stream distance and relative direction for U1-enabled devices.

According to this development, it seems that Apple has big plans for Ultra Wideband technology, and a new reputation related to the technology claims that the upcoming “HomePod Mini”, as well as Apple TV which will be broadcast next year, can serve as the “UWB base What this means is that they will be able to track exact locations when people with their U1s walk around their homes.

According to the leaker, Apple TV and HomePod Mini will use this location information as base stations for brightness and volume controls, media controls and door locks. This will effectively turn your typical Apple hardware into a HomeKit hardware. The leak further claims that the new hardware can also be “used in the Find My app when you are away from home, to notify you if any of your devices have been moved into or taken from your home.”

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