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Nine iPhone Secrets You May Not Know – Apple World Today

1 – Did you know that you can take a picture without touching the iPhone? Yes, to avoid fumbling with camera buttons on your phone, just press the volume button on your Apple headphones.

There are moments when you record a video and realize that you need to take still pictures without interrupting the video recording. Just press the shutter button next to the video and you will get the still image without missing a beat.

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1; You can close apps faster. Let’s say you have switched between three ups and now want to switch to something else in a hurry. Turning off each of the three apps at once can be tedious and a waste of time.

However, the iPhone has just the right solution for you: all you have to do is swipe three fingers over the multitasking menu to remove the apps in one go.

3 – You can play your favorite songs on the timer. Some people like the soothing sounds of their favorite music to lure them into a peaceful sleep at night. However, you will not be awakened by the same music in the middle of the night.

Use the clock app under the “when time runs out” and “stop playing” code to turn off the music at an appropriate time after your sleep.

4 – Do you want to know how strong your signal is in your immediate surroundings? Simple, just type * 3001 # 12345 # * code in the iPhone dialer and call to show the secret field mode tool.

This fancy tool replaces the analog style bar chart indicator with a more meaningful numeric screen with lower scores, for example -50 gives stronger signals as you slide down to the weakest at -100 and beyond.

5 – You can implement custom answers for missed calls. You may find yourself in situations that are not conducive to making calls, such as being in a meeting where you cannot play again. No need to worry, and you do not need to use the cliché stock answers that come with phones. You can customize your own to answer missed calls politely by going to Settings-phone-answer with text.

6 – iOS has a hidden touch pad. For faster and more accurate navigation, nothing beats better than using the smart tool, the cursor. Most iPhones with 3D touch features have this option hidden just below the keyboard.

Just press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to send that dreamland and bring the trackpad to life. On the iPad, drag two fingers on the keyboard to activate the same, and then move your finger to the desired cursor.

7 – You can make your photos private. Some people just never want to learn the simple rules of common decency and can’t resist the temptation to fool around with other people’s phones.

And yes, we have all the little private pictures strictly for private eyes that we do not want anyone watching Tom and Jane to spy on. The iPhone has a solution for that: just go to Photos and select your private photos, press the Share button and select Hide. Voila! They are no longer in public view.

8 – If a visual alert notification is your preference instead of a regular ringtone or vibration, iPhone has options to enhance your user experience.

You can customize your settings so that the phone’s camera flash flashes repeatedly to notify you of incoming notifications. Go to Settings, then Availability followed by Audio / Visual, and turn on the Alerts LED flash.

9 – Apple has been sensitive to users who are different by including features for people with visual and hearing impairments to easily navigate their phones. Go to General Settings> Accessibility to find the Assistive Touch feature. Enable this to help you set a dedicated button for quick access to Siri and the home screen for a better user experience.


The iPhone offers a high-tech user experience right in the palm of your hand, true to the intentions of the iconic founder, the late Steve Jobs. It is exciting to search and find the hidden and little known features that make the use of your device much more satisfying.

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