One of my favorite features in Bear has always been the ability to connect different notes to each other. To put the name of a note in double parentheses, as [[Club 5th Anniversary]], is a smart way to connect and quickly access related notes. I wish each notes app had a similar feature.

The good thing about creating a tag link is that you do not have to remember the titles of the notes you want to link to. Just type in the two opening brackets, then a few characters that are part of the note’s title, and Bear presents a dynamic autocomplete list of suggested notes that best matches what you̵

7;ve written. While using a connected hardware keyboard, you can scroll through the suggestions using just the arrow keys and press Enter to select correctly – Bear will then create the link for you by putting the full title of the note in double brackets. Once a link is created, you can tap or click it to quickly open the second note.

Bear has made note linking even better in its latest update, but by extending it to enable linking to specific sections of another note, which works by binding the note’s headings. Each header can now be linked individually, opening up a number of new possibilities – creating a table of contents is the most obvious option, but there is so much more that can be done with direct section links.

This extended functionality for links is worth mentioning because of the valuable tool it provides, but also because of how well it is implemented. Build on the existing system to write two opening brackets and then part of the note’s title. All you have to do to connect a note section is enter a single slash / after highlighting a AutoComplete suggestion – the brand headings will appear so you can make the right choice from there. If you use a hardware keyboard specifically, the whole process is so quick and easy. It feels especially nice on the iPad, where apps often drop the ball with keyboard support when navigating pop-up menus. In Bear, everything works just as you expect. Thanks to strong keyboard support and an intuitive user interface for suggesting notes and headings, it only takes a few seconds to create links.