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Offers: 2-in-1 car and wall USB charger

When I do some long distance travel, I will take as little equipment with me as possible. This gives some accessories that can benefit double duty when it comes time to make the cut before going out. With all the electronics I always take with me, chargers are an absolute must. A charger that can handle more than the task is exactly what I am looking for.

What about a charger that can charge your equipment in your car and your home? This 2-in-1

car-and-wall USB charger has two USB-A plugs and covers you anywhere you go. If you are looking for a truly versatile charger for your iPhone that is portable enough, wherever you go, this should be done.

Our offer site offers 2-in-1 car and wall USB charger from Center Link Media for $ 16.99.


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