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Oh, do you want to steal my phone?

Ok, the title is a bit misleading here, because I can not be 100% sure what these people’s intentions were, but! I went with my dogs tonight and had my phone in a raincoat that had a hole in its pocket. I live inside an apartment complex (about 7 floors, inside like a hotel – important treat for my goose hunt that is about to occur.) The dogs do their thing, I pick up and throw their poo, go in, wait by the elevator a younger guy and his dog come off, my dogs bark because they are small cocks, go to the elevator, go home and wash up. After washing dishes, I am ready to reward myself by flipping thoughtlessly on my phone. Except there’s nothing to find! I can not ping it in my apartment. I track my steps, unable to ping all the time. I called my husband outside the guard, so he calls me hectically over and over (to get past the do not disturb setting) to try to find it. He is convinced that I have put it outside, I check twice outside. I stuck my hand in the freaking doggie poo station. Everything bagged poop but still smelly nonetheless. Still unable to ping it outside. So I got the idea to go through the whole apartment complex and see when my ping thing was going to light up and work. You. I̵

7;m on the third floor, it’s lit up. I hear it go off in someone’s apartment. My heart is pounding, at this point I’m ready to break down the police style door and save my phone. But I can not be 100% sure, so I called my husband and asked him to spam my phone with calls. Yep, it’s going in this apartment. I knock lightly because it’s like at. 22:30 and people have children. This dog starts barking. No answer to what feels like 10 minutes, but is more realistic maybe 2-3 minutes. I’ll knock again. I’m ready to call mothafuckin FBI, CIA, my husband again, you name it to add some law. The guy who was on his way out of the elevator with his dog answers. He says words like “sorry ma’am, I found it” and I’m like “I’m so sorry to bug you, thank you for grabbing it ..” yada yada distorted English because I suck at confrontations.

I do not know if he should try to find me as the owner of the phone, but he did not get the 20+ phone calls from someone who tried to find it soooo … I am grateful for this little ping find my phone option on Apple Watch, get in the clutch and saved the night!

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