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One month ago XcodeJobs Relaunch

Time flies. It's already 4 weeks since we launched XcodeJobs.com on February 1st. At this point, it is reasonable to inspect some of our calculations to determine how it goes so far.

XcodeJobs had a runstart on Twitter because at the time of re-start we already had 2914 Followers. The reason for this is obvious: Twitter was our only channel and we had 5 years to reach this number.

The number of followers grew like a rocket during the first two weeks and returned to the previous solid growth. On average, we achieved around 7 new followers per day and ̵

1; at the time of this writing – arrived at 3140.

Twitter Analytics tells us that our 79 tweets during this period received 200,000 Tweet impressions. We do not know how this figure is calculated, but it indicates that quite a few people see what we are entering.

The new philosophy of XcodeJobs.com is that we want good job descriptions that users can browse and filter. We did not have time to implement geographic filtering, but this is definitely on the directions. Also, to allow filtering of external and / or site jobs.

How much traffic can you expect for your post?

To answer this question, we will become Google Analytics. The following chart shows pageview versus unique pageviews.

The first peaks were the result of our need for relaunch in any way we could think of. The first two weeks left everything the site had seen before. The second week saw 4549 page views, of which 3248 were unique.

Although it was clear to us that we could never hope that traffic would remain at this high level, we are still pleased to have an average traffic of around a thousand unique users per week now.

Our goal to do this is to achieve 10k in one of the following months. We are cautiously optimistic about it, since we are already almost halfway there.

The 11 Most Occupied Jobs in February

It's a good case study for anyone who writes job postings to look at those jobs that had seen most 19009003]

Congratulations on the winners!

  • Senior iOS Developer at Toptal (192 views)
  • Senior iOS Developer at Shopgate (192)
  • Internal IOS Developer at Topbyte (202 views)
  • Senior iOS Engineer on Tooploox (196) views]
  • iOS Developer on UnifyID (193 views)
  • iOS Developer at Eversport (123 views)
  • Junior IOS Engineer for Mindnode (122 views)
  • iOS Mobile Developer on Tractive] XcodeJobs.com was responsible for 100-300 more views of your job offers. The chances are high that this resulted in more applications that these jobs would not otherwise have received.

    A word about philosophy

    We received some negative feedback about a few jobs. Most controversial were the following sections that you could find on a company owned by Amazon.com, in this case of the Twitch Job Ad:

    "I understand and agree that if I'm hired, I will be employed on one Willing basis. As a willful employee, I understand and accept that either Amazon or I can terminate our employment, at any time for any reason, with or without notice and for or without reason. "

    Such clauses do not throw a good light on a company and we can understand why people do not want to apply for such jobs. Having said that, Twitch has still made it to second place.

    We were also at the fence about whether we would like to recruit agencies to post jobs without mentioning which business applicants would end up working. But – at the moment – we decided that recruiters should see what feedback we would receive about these jobs.

    However, we can not afford to judge the value of positions or a company's hiring philosophy. Not yet. At this time, we are happy for every job that has been posted.

    Jobs Email Digest Every Friday

    Since not everyone is on Twitter, we have also added the opportunity to subscribe to a weekly digestion of new jobs. You can do it right on the XcodeJobs.com home page.

    When we asked people what weekday they want to get their weekly jobs, the overwhelming majority of them are digested on Friday afternoon. Most often, it was the reason that – I rewrite – people are tired of enough at the end of the week to look at new opportunities on Friday and weekend.

    Let's look at some numbers there …

    1. Week 1: 116 subscribers, 64% opening rate, 21.1% clicked on jobs
    2. Week 2: 138 subscribers , 67.4% opening rate, 10.1% clicked on jobs
    3. Week 3: 163 subscribers, 78.4% opening rate, 27.8% clicked on jobs
    4. Week 4 : 167 subscribers, 66.9% opening rate, 25.9% clicked on jobs

    We are pleased with very high degree of opening, which tells us that content really interests subscribers. The clickthrough rate is also remarkable.

    The growth in email subscriptions is quite comparable with new Twitter followers: 5 new subscribers versus 7 new Twitter followers, daily average growth. We are still far away from our milestone target of 1,000 subscribers.

    What do you prefer? Twitter, Email or maybe another way to learn about new job postings?


    The jury is still out if XcodeJobs will be a random success. We have seen a great first-time interest in the first 2 weeks and have seen it fall to ok average numbers after that.

    We launched a minimum viable product just a month ago, and so far, the calculations seem to indicate that there is indeed a market and need for what we want to offer. But we must give it a few months before we can decide his destiny.

    Our plans to earn money depend on the ability to reach more important growth environments in a timely manner. Because it would be a hub to ask someone to pay for ads if we can not afford their money.

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