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One of 2020's best features just leaked and that's something you won't even see – BGR

It may seem crazy to suggest that a company can pick up $ 84.3 billion in revenue in one quarter, and that is a disappointment, but that was exactly what happened to Apple during the quarter last year. Why would such a staggering sum be disappointing, you ask? Because it was a significant decrease of 5% compared to the same quarter last year. Also, the cause of the significant decline is quite worrying: iPhone sales are down. Down, Apple says sales from iPhone sales fell 15% compared to the previous year's quarter.

Apple no longer shares iPhone device sales with the public, which in itself is a troublesome sign, but the company blamed problems in China for the majority of iPhone revenue dips. China undoubtedly played a role, but anyone who pays attention knows that China is not the only reason why iPhone sales are falling. Apple's current generation iPhone models also represent Apple's most boring iPhone upgrade ever, and Apple's most expensive iPhone upgrade ever. It's not a recipe for success, and that means even more pressure will fall on Apple's next iPhone upgrades in 201

9 and 2020.

We started to see some leaks around Apple's iPhone 11 series starting to drip in a couple of months since, but things started to warm up earlier this week. The World's Best Apple Insider released its first major report on Apple's 2019 iPhone range, revealing many key details in the process. Apple definitely has some exciting new features planned for its iPhone 11 series, but the rumor has it, they will be packed into a smartphone with a largely unchanged design. 2019 is a development year, and all the major Android phone providers are working on exciting new screen designs. Meanwhile, except that the rear camera is moved from the top corner to the center area at the top of the iPhone 11, Apple is expected to use the same iPhone design for the third year in a row.

As for Apple's 2020 iPhone range – presumably the iPhone 11 series – nothing about the phones is verified. There are hardly any rumors at the moment. All we know is that Apple was better off learning from the mistakes it made with the iPhone XS series. Namely, no one will pay over $ 1000 for a smartphone that introduces no exciting new features.

Although it will undoubtedly be some time before we learn about Apple's plans for next year's new iPhones, a new report on Friday releases some light on a feature of the phone. In addition, it can actually turn out to be one of the 2020 iPhone's best features. As we look at an "S" upgrade for 2020, speed and performance improvements will be a big deal. And, according to a new report from Digitimes the iPhone 11s series packs the next generation A series of processors based on 5 nanometer process technology.

Apple's A12 Bionic SoC in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR is based on 7 nanometer process technology, and it was the first smartphone launched globally with a 7nm processor. The A12 offers performance and efficiency that is still unmatched by the available smartphones right now, and it looks like Qualcomm's new 7nm Snapdragon 855 and Samsung's latest 8nm Exynos chip still can't fit Apple's A12 last year. If Apple moves to 5nm chips in next year's iPhone 11s, as mentioned in this report, it means the chips will hug even more transistors into and even less space. The result is processors, and therefore iPhones, which are faster and more efficient than ever.

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