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Online app question: iOSProgramming

Hi everyone, I’m a relatively newbie to iOS programming. To understand my question, I think you will need a story.

In my graphic design class, we have been given the task of creating a prototype app in Adobe XD. I decided to create an online gaming-news-social media style app for iPhone. After submitting the prototype (which literally did nothing), I felt needed. So I plan to put out coding and hopefully release this app sometime using XCode.

The problem is that I do not know how I would work with an online app like this. I plan to add an option to post things similar to Reddit, add friends and include what they do (similar to Discord’s rich presence). But how should I host this? Is there any hosting service for apps like these that does not break the bank? (Remember, I̵

7;m a low budget student here!)

All help is appreciated. Thank you guys.

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