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Open Call for Unity Tech editors and authors

Are you an experienced Unity developer and like to share your knowledge with the community? If so, we have a great opportunity for you! We are looking for advanced Unity developers to join our Unity Tutorial Team as authors and tech editors !

These are paid part-time jobs that you can do in the evening and weekends. Continue reading to find out more about what is involved and how to apply!

Top Reasons to Join the Unity Team

  1. Learning : You will always learn something new – and you want to have fun doing it! You become a better developer and author. The best part is that you get many new friends who are also passionate about Unity along the way.
  2. It's paid! : You get paid for every training you tech edit, so it's a great sidebar. In addition, as an employee, you get free access to everything we do on our site, and you get access to special layer-only opportunities and benefits.
  3. Special opportunities : Members of the training group get access to special opportunities such as contributing to our books and products, and speaking at our conference, being a guest at our podcast, working on team projects and much more.
  4. Make a Difference : We get emails every day about how our tutorials help our readers make their first app, get their dream job or achieve a lifelong dream of making their own game. This means a lot to us, and it makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Requirements and How to Apply

Here are the requirements:

  • You must be an experienced Unity Developer .
  • You should be a good writer with fluent English writing skills.
  • You should be comfortable learning about brand new topics that you have never done before; Some of them may be poorly documented or not documented at all.
  • You should have a strong work ethic.

To apply, send me an email and be sure to include the following information:

  • Please specify the role you prefer.
  • Why do you want to join the Unity Tutorial Team?
  • Tell me a little about yourself and your experience.
  • What is the best Unity game you've made or worked with, and why are you proud of the work? did you do this game? [Please include link]
  • Please include links to your StackOverFlow account, your Twitter account, your GitHub account or your Unity Answers / Forums account (if you have one).

If you are applying to be an author, I must write a test paper to measure your writing skills. If you seek to be a technical editor, you get a tech editor tryout, so we can measure your editing ability. If you pass the trick, you are inside!

Now is the time!

Don't sit on the sidelines that you would have wanted ̵

1; try out for the team. Come and share your knowledge and become part of our growing Unity community!
I look forward to hearing from you!

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