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Oprah’s conversation with ‘Caste’ author Isabel Wilkerson premieres today on Apple TV +

Oprah Winfrey hosts in-depth conversations with Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and best-selling author Isabel Wilkerson about her latest book, “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents,” exclusively on Apple TV +.

Calling the book “a must-read for all of humanity,” Oprah asks the reasons behind writing the book and why we need a new language to talk about race, says a new press release.

So, Friday 9th. October, “The Oprah Conversation: Caste” dives deeper to discuss the topics of the book in a two-part episode on Apple TV +, while Winfrey and Wilkerson come together for a conversation about “truth, reflection and hope for humanity.”

In “Caste: Part 1”, Winfrey, Wilkerson and a readers’ panel discuss the concept that America is built on a caste system. “Caste: Part 2” continues the conversation as readers share stories about how the themes explored in Wilerson’s book reflect their lives and experiences.

In addition, Apple Books and Oprah’s Book Club offer “Read With Us: Caste, An Oprah’s Book Club Discussion Guide,” available for free at Apple Books. The discussion guide includes an introductory letter from Winfrey, a question and answer with Wilkerson, questions to ask for self-reflection and important discussions, and more recommended readings.

The recently launched Oprahs Book Club podcast is also available now on Apple Podcasts. The eight-episode series explores the cast’s eight columns with Wilkerson.

“Caste” continues the partnership between Winfrey’s book club and Apple, which started last autumn. It features earlier picks such as Ta-Nehisi Coates’ novel “The Water Dancer” and Robert Kolker’s non-fiction “Hidden Valley Road.”

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