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OS X Voices: It's what to use on a Mac to add more characters to a story or game

Here's a quick look at a few Macs that do not find you easily in other Mac apps. Multiple voice counting. The first app is called, not surprisingly, tells and what it does is remarkable for authors. It uses the embedded voices in OS X to read the lines in stories and plays.

Instead of gathering a lot of players to read parts, all you need to do is write the story or play with different characters and tells the user the voice of your Mac to read each character's assigned conversation part.

OS X comes with a range of built-in text-to-speech voices, both male and female, as these apps use. Just assign the built-in voice to a character, adjust speed, bend, volume and pitch for each voice to create even more variety. The apps simply make a conversation between several characters in a scene.

 Narrator for Mac

Narrator uses the Mac's built-in text-to-speech feature, but also lets you export the audio – with all characters – like a file to iTunes so it can be shared or synced with iPhone or iPad. The recorded voice tracks can also be used in iMovie or as a screencast voice over.

Likewise priced, but with even more features, GhostReader Plus is also available in the Mac App Store and with a trial version

 GhostReader Plus

Both apps allow you to import text from multiple sources and In different formats (Text, Word, HTML, RTF, etc.), GhostReader Plus also password protects preferences and limits access to text formatting, and comes with read-only mode that can prevent accidental editing. Of the two, Narrator is easier to use, but GhostReader Plus has more features, including an option for automatically detecting languages ​​in the text, and the ability to create a custom code to define characters.

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