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ossia score 2.5.2 – A free and open source intermedia sequencer.

Ossia score enables precise and flexible scripting of interactive scenarios.

  • Check and score any OSC compliant software or hardware:
  • Max / MSP, PureData, openFrameworks, Processing …
  • Multi-protocol sequencer

Remotely control various applications, such as Max / MSP, PureData, Processing, openFrameworks, Unity3D, modul8, Live … using OSC, OSCQuery, ArtNet and more to come.

Flexible time management

Set temporal and conditional relationships between events, trigger them interactively, hierarchy your score, and use loops to produce interactive scenarios.

Interpolation and breakpoint functions

Automatically interpolate parameter values ​​between events or draw your own curved breakpoint function. Map addresses together and script your score using JavaScript.

+ a creative code library to facilitate interoperability with the score

To facilitate score interoperability with third-party environments and programming languages, we have published scores underlying frameworks: libossia, and published several implementations and bindings for a variety of contexts.

Version 2.5.2:

  • Mostly bug fixes, many tests and adjustments to the construction process
  • OS X 1
    0.9 or later

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