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Our exclusive offer gets you 25% off this black wireless charger

  AluBase charger
A wireless charger that actually looks good.
Photo: Just Mobile

The Cult of Mac now offers an exclusive deal on the excellent wireless AluBase charger from Just Mobile.

It's the perfect time to treat yourself to the fastest possible wireless charging for the iPhone, and great design that you don't want to hide away.

Order your from the Watch Store today to get a 25% off regular price, and pick up a quick charge adapter that comes with just $ 5. You won't find this discount elsewhere, so enjoy it while you can.

Wireless charging is awesome. You never have to worry about tangled cables or a messy bedside table – just put your iPhone down and leave it. The only problem is that most wireless charging blocks are too ugly to have on the screen.

That's not the case with AluBase.

AluBase gives beauty to your bedside table

Finished in high quality aluminum with shiny bevelled edges, AluBase looks at home with iPhone and other Apple products at home. It doesn't slip around like cheap charging blocks, and the soft touch pad prevents your iPhone from slipping off.

  AluBase is finished in high quality aluminum, with a soft touch pad, an iconic wireless iPhone charger like the sports ground age style.
Finished in high quality aluminum, AluBase asks to be shown.
Photo: Just Mobile

AluBase is compatible with the iPhone 8 or later, as well as any other smartphone or gadget that uses the Qi charging standard. It includes the AirPods Wireless Charging Case. It also works through cases – as long as they do not contain metal.

You will get the fastest possible 7.5 W charge for the iPhone and 10W for the latest Android devices if you use the right adapter with AluBase, though slower adapters are compatible if you are happy to charge at 5W.

AluBase is as secure as it is pretty

One of the things we love most about AluBase – apart from its brilliant design – is its built-in security features.

A special chip inside the pad detects the presence of metal and other foreign bodies and turns off automatically to prevent damage. So if you happen to place your keys on it, there is no chance of it ruining or burning the house.

Get AluBase from the Cult of Mac Watch Store today to save 25% before we sell out. The charging pad itself is priced at $ 30 (down from $ 39.95), but you only pay $ 35 (down from $ 49.95) for both the pad and the Quick Charger adapter.

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