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OWC Closed in Compliance with Memorial Day – We remember and honor

US Flag Set to Half Mast at Sunrise at Memorial Day @ OWC HQ Woodstock

Every year, the OWC is closed on Memorial Day to honor thousands of individuals from US armed forces who have given their lives to protect and preserve our freedom.

We fly proudly with "Old Glory" and in accordance with Memorial Day decorum, the American flags on both our Woodstock and Austin plants were lowered to half mast at sunrise and returned to full mast at noon today. We take a moment of silence

at 3:00 pm We will honor these services men and women with a moment of silence and play of cranes. I hope you will join us in this national memory of where you may be.

Memorial Day has been celebrated since May 1

868 when General John Logan proclaimed May 30 as Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day). On the first Memorial Day, flowers were placed on tombs of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

Halfway at Sunrise, OWC Austin HQ

The website www.USMemorialDay.org is a great source of information on this important day and its history. The website tells us that the Congress in 1971 passed legislation that changed this day of recognition to fall last Monday in May. Unlike a single memorial day, it was made part of a three-day weekend.

Today, our country recalls fallen heroes with parades, speeches, BBQs and family. Personally, I bother me when I hear sales and promotions that market that day. To preserve original intent, I believe the 1971 law should be repealed so that more people remember Memorial Day is not just for another three-day weekend.

While Memorial Day is mainly meant to celebrate the American men and women who died During the military service, Veterans Day, November 11, is supposed to thank living veterans for their service.

Support for veterans and active duty personnel has been something the OWC has become increasingly involved with since the Desert Storm in the early 90s. [19659003] I am proud of our team and their generosity in this effort. With the help we have been able to collect and send pallets of books, movies, canned goods, general goodies, video games, sports equipment and other interesting requests to units we have "adopted" in conflict areas. It is our hope that we can improve your time spent abroad by enabling you to enjoy some of the "basic luxuries". Those of us at home can easily take for granted.

Old Glory brought to full mast @ OWC Austin HQ Noon on Memorial Day 2019

It is also our great privilege, and OWC is proud to welcome our veterinarians to employment at OWC and happy to facilitate any transition that needed to do it.

It is an honor and a great advantage that our veterinarians bring with them their own unique skills, loyalty and maturity to quickly and accurately analyze a situation, decide how to develop a solution and the ability to determine whether they need help and / or advice to serve our mission best. We are fortunate to have these people on our team and in our communities where their service continues.

We are fortunate to live in a nation with freedom, freedom, opportunity and acceptance. This morning, Mirjana – OWC's Warehouse Manager, 18-year-old OWC team member – was back in Woodstock to lower our flag respectively. Previously from Serbia and Croatia, she and her husband immigrated to the United States twenty years ago, war refugees. With the help of friends and family in the Chicagoland area, they made a new home, and it was 16 years ago that we had a special celebration for Mirjana US citizenship. We are a crucible built on hard work and sacrifice. I couldn't ask for a better team member, and I sincerely appreciate everything that allows her and us to be here with the opportunities we have today.

Our stars and stripes on full mast dinner @ Woodstock HQ on Memorial Day 2019.

Jennifer Soule, president of OWC and team member over 21, continued in his mission to set our Woodstock flag at noon at noon day. She is proud of the service her uncles in the army, air force and navy have given our country and is another incredible story. For twenty years, she has started as a temporary worker helping with sales and customer service, and has done everything to do at OWC, and three years ago, I was proud to see her becoming OWC president, continuing to drive us forward and upwards. [19659003] I can't say enough – we have great freedom and with the good opportunity. Men and women have given their lives to protect this. It is up to us to see that their sacrifice is never wasted. This is a responsibility that falls upon all of us.

Whatever we commit ourselves to expressing our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the men and women serving in Our Armed Forces today, and those who have served in the past, we can never do enough because it all pales in relation to what they and their families have sacrificed for all of us. Giving back is the least we can do; And we do it openly, honestly and with great respect for their service.

On this day of remembrance – and every day, thank you for taking a moment to thank our men and women who serve our nation. There is no gesture too small, something as simple as going over to a member of Our Defense and saying thank you can mean the world. Thanks.

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