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OWC introduces OWC Mercury Pro LTO tape archiving solution

This looks like one fantastic option for video users, especially when it comes to archiving large amounts of recordings. But it can also be a very cost effective device for large volume photography studios and the like, government, healthcare, video surveillance, etc.

Preserve large amounts of data

M&E professionals, companies, public branches and small businesses all face the same challenge: how to handle an ever-increasing amount of more complex data. The project norm is higher resolution, complex sound and different formats. Organizational content is expected to grow by 50-70% annually as more data is digitized. Licensing, regulations and compliance requirements are becoming stricter.

The OWC Mercury Pro LTO is the answer to this challenge. This simple integrated tape backup and archiving solution is a mission-critical requirement to protect and preserve huge amounts of data for extended periods of known drag-and-drop operation and better economies of scale than disk-based storage. Robust small with a built-in handle, the Mercury Pro LTO is capable of moving on sets or moving between studio, department or office computers for a shared data protection solution.

Archiving Made Drag and Drop Easy

Using the OWC Mercury Pro LTO is an invaluable convenience for protecting your data. Using the industry-leading Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape archive formatted with the Linear Tape File System (LTFS), you can access the tapes on your computer just like a hard drive or SSD. Files appear in folders, and it̵

7;s easy to drag and drop to move them to and from tapes. Compatibility has never been easier. Thanks to LTFS, LTO tapes can be read from a Mac, PC or Linux system, so there is no additional software to purchase or proprietary hardware issues.

Advanced, but the future is clear

Because LTFS is an open, cross-platform system, and LTO tape is the dominant archiving medium that has continued to evolve since its introduction in 2000, you can rest assured that you will be able to access your data with any brand of LTO hardware. for decades to come. Mercury Pro LTO uses the latest 12TB LTO-8 tapes, previous generation 6TB LTO-7 tapes, and is designed to use LTO-9 drives with future releases.

Instant return

Compared to using hard drives for archive storage, the OWC Mercury Pro LTO offers an instant return, and pays for itself in a short time by continuously and dramatically lowering project and production costs.

120 TB recording data from One Action Movie Shot

• 10 x 12 TB hard drives @ $ 300 / drive = $ 3000
• 10 x 12 TB LTO-8s @ $ 135 / tape = $ 1350 (55% lower cost)
• 20 x 6 TB hard drives @ $ 120 / drive = $ 2400
• 20 x 6 TB LTO-7s @ $ 56 / tape = $ 1120 (53% lower cost)

It is over 50% saving compared to HDD-based archive storage in just one project!

Lower lifetime costs with much longer life expectancy

A 10-year total cost of ownership (TCO) study conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group that compared the costs of long-term storage on disk, LTO tape and cloud, had a staggering revelation. LTO tape-based archiving offers 577% return! This is because LTO tape offers the lowest cost per TB of storage format combined with the longest lifespan among all storage options.

Meets strict regulations

Whether you need to keep sensitive data safe during transport, or ensure that irreplaceable data is archived, the OWC Mercury Pro LTO enables healthcare, finance and related industries to meet strict legal and regulatory procedures for data confidentiality and integrity. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption hides your data from unauthorized access by making it readable only for Mercury Pro LTO. Using a WORM (Write Once, Ready Many) LTO tape, you can store your data in a non-erasable, non-rewritable format to prevent accidental overwriting or malicious data change.

The perfect solution for a variety of industries

LTO tape archiving is used by a wide variety of industries for different needs:

  • Anyone seeking data storage outside the site that is separate from the read / write host.
  • Companies that want to back up database and content against ransomware, cyber attacks and operational disruptions due to natural disasters.
  • Local / state / federal authorities with ISR workflows (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance); video and files related to law / ordinance passage and daily operation.
  • Healthcare professionals and organizations with medical records and image data.
  • Educational institutions that need to keep a myriad of data – including research – produced by students, teachers and professors available, while freeing up more expensive storage options for short-term use and backup.
  • Video surveillance with increasing number of color cameras with higher resolution.
  • Production companies in the film industry that need to meet mandatory and insurable archive requirements
  • Digital media companies can free up production capacity and shorten production windows by reusing and editing existing footage for new productions.

Easy integration and expansion of workflow

Mercury Pro LTO lets you archive data seamlessly in your workflow via the included Thunderbolt 3 cable connected to your Mac or PC. You can also improve your workflow by adding up to a 16 TB SATA / SAS HDD or SSD to the 2.5 / 3.5-inch expansion slot for extra storage and backup. Connect a USB 3.0, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 device to the Mercury Pro LTO’s second Thunderbolt 3 port for added functionality. Add an extra screen with up to 8K resolution via the DisplayPort 1.4 interface. Keeps your laptop charged with the 85W Thunderbolt 3 port.

Use Case Spotlight: Netflix Data Management Requirements

LTO solutions such as Mercury Pro LTO have become a workflow requirement for manufacturing companies such as Netflix to protect original camera footage, provide off-site backups and fulfill long-term archiving of series and movies. Netflix uses a 3: 2: 1 rule, and specifies that partners must:
• Keep at least three copies of all original camera recordings (OCF) and audio at all times.
• Store copies on 2 different media types.
• Maintain at least 1 backup off-site.

In each “rule” and in their acceptable archive formats, Netflix lists LTO tapes as an important component in meeting partner management requirements.

Certified for demanding use

We understand that having confidence in the reliability of the equipment is most important for creative professionals. Therefore, each Mercury Pro LTO solution undergoes a multi-step certification before delivery. This ensures that your archiving solution will work properly and immediately ready for demanding use.

Completes the OWC solution

Thanks to the Mercury Pro LTO, OWC now offers the film industry, companies, public branches and even small businesses a reliable “intake to archive” one source. With portable data capture options like Thunderblade, Express 4M2 and Envoy Pro EX; desktop options such as ThunderBay setup; and internal drive options such as the Accelsior 4M2 and Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 2.5-inch SSD, OWC is the one project source that does everything for all data creators.

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