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OWC's New Dock Ejector App now available for download

OWC has released its Dock Ejector app, a free download that works with all OWC docks .

OWC Dock Ejector triggers all drives connected to any OWC dock with a single click. Ideal for fast mobile workflows, it takes tedium and risk out of un-docking devices one at a time. By making sure all data has been written before any disk is disassembled, users can safely throw out their OWC dock without stressing over losing or fragmenting files. Dock Ejector is compatible with Mac and Windows, and is a simple shortcut for use in a studio, office, conference room, classroom … anywhere a workstation is found.

OWC's hardware and software engineers collaborated on Dock Ejector and optimized it for the complete line of OWC docking solutions. OWC docks provide connection to any workflow and provide the flexibility to grow and adapt in the future. The line includes:

  • Thunderbolt 3 Dock ̵
    1; 14 ports with a cable to charge, connect and connect any Thunderbolt 3 equipped Mac or PC
  • USB-C Dock – Connect devices a USC-C USB-C Travel Dock – 5 ports with a sustainable, bus-powered, portable connector that fits easily into a backpack or even a pocket

Dock Ejector is free to download and use. Get it today and experience the convenience and safety of one-click disconnection. Visit Dock Ejector to see for yourself how OWC continues to create solutions that allow customers to do more and now higher.

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