"The FTC v. Qualcomm trial in San Jose just ended three weeks ago, and we are already approaching Apple and the contract manufacturers at the Qualcomm trial in San Diego," writes Florian Mueller for FOSS Patents. "On Saturday [February 16th]Apple's four contract suppliers (Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron, Compal) and Qualcomm sent a joint trial of controversial contract terms. The 76-page document serves as a preview of various issues."

"There are so many problems that I do not even know where to start if one of them does not stand out because it is extraordinarily absurd and one of the best examples of hidden costs that we ̵

1; consumers – do not know before they go to court, "writes Mueller . "But if we don't know about them, we are the ones who will pay the bill at the end of the day."

"Qualcomm will have a 5% patent royalty (with $ 400 on royalties basis) on smartphones. 3.25% on standard essential patents, although I haven't seen Qualcomm successfully enforce yet another of these SEPs in All those years, the corresponding dollar amount will be illusory the moment their wireless SEPs must be licensed at the chipset level, another 1.75% applies to non-standard essential patents, and after nearly two years of non-SEP violation litigaton against Apple, Qualcomm no real influence. News cycles are not influential, writes Mueller. "So there is a problem with what they charge, but until I read this premier fight, I was not aware that there was another problem with the broad network they throw when They actually collect their royalties. Apple and its contractors complain that when Qualcomm performs audits, it insists on getting 5% of what Apple pays to a company like Foxconn: not just the device but also some services, including repairs . "[19659003] Read more in the whole article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Amazingly. How many billions has Qualcomm extortionists bilked all out of the many years they have been extorted?

As we wrote this morning: Tick-tock, Qualcomm extortionists Your time of calculation comes

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