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PDF Squeezer 4 Review | Macworld

As a well-known digital hoarder, there are thousands of files on your iMac, external hard drives, cloud services and networked server. I have made it a habit to archive bills, bank / credit card statements and other PDF documents that gradually use available storage capacity. To block a complete cleansing (oh, the horror!), Would shrink the tax would be the next best thing.

This is exactly what PDF Squeezer 4 is designed to do. This minimalist macOS tool makes it easy to reduce the size of one or more PDF documents using three predefined compression levels (light, medium or strong), or by using custom profiles.

pdf squeezer 4 window with finder IDG

With its modest drag-and-drop user interface, PDF Squeezer 4 makes short work of compressing documents.

At each turn, the PDF Squeezer makes the process as frictionless as possible. You drag and drop files to the app window, which is immediately processed with the selected profile. The amount of compression is then displayed in the sidebar along with a comparison of original and new file sizes. If the document is password protected, the new version will be, although you will still need to unlock the file when prompted.

After selecting a document in the sidebar, click the Compare button (or the space bar) to see a comparison before and after. Files remain untouched until they click Save, at which point originals are moved to the Trash and replaced with new versions, possibly with the same modification dates. (If you prefer new filenames, click Save As instead.)

pdf squeezer 4 automation preferences Witt software

With Automator Actions installed, you do not need to launch PDF Squeezer at all to process files from the Finder, a monitoring folder, or using a command line interface.

Automated workflow

PDF Squeezer 4 also offers several ways to automate the process of shrinking documents via Automator Actions. This requires first activating third-party actions from the Automator app menu, and then installing the options you want under the Automation tab in PDF Squeezer Settings.

My favorite is Quick Action, which allows you to compress files directly from the Finder, Touch Bar, or Services menu. This method makes using PDF Squeezer a completely seamless, convenient experience because everything happens in the background without opening the app, but there are also options for clock folder and command line interface.

pdf squeezer 4 compare hunting statement IDG

The side-by-side comparison view shows a moment when the documents are over-compressed – before they are saved.

Overall, PDF Squeezer does a remarkable job. Using Medium Preset, a recent AT & T Wireless bill was reduced from 1.1 MB to just 114 KB (89 percent reduction!) Without any noticeable quality difference, even though average documents shrank by less than 10 percent. I recommend using Compare to sample first – some banks (I look at you, Chase) store general account information and disclaimers built-in as a statement image, which limits readability when compressed with medium or strong preset.

The bottom line

Versatile, lightweight and inexpensive, PDF Squeezer 4 is the absolute best way to cut multiple PDF documents down to size.

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