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PDF Studio Pro 2020.0.0 – PDF creator, editor, shape designer with OCR and more.

PDF Studio Pro is a user-friendly but powerful program for working with PDF documents. It expands PDF Studio Standard with additional features.

Additional features in PDF Studio Pro
  • Interactive form designer
  • OCR (text recognition)
  • Content editing
  • Permanent editorial staff
  • Compare PDF files
  • Optimize PDF files
  • Digitally sign PDF files
  • Advanced PDF splitting and merging
  • Batch process multiple PDF files
  • Precision measuring tools
  • PDF / A validation / conversion
Features in PDF Studio Standard (also in Pro version)
  • Create PDF files
  • Scan to PDF
  • Comment and tag PDF files
  • Fill out and save PDF forms
  • Secure documents
  • Add / delete pages
  • Use watermarks, headers, footers
  • Create bookmarks / table of contents
  • Magnifier, panning and zoom, rulers etc …

Version 2020.0.0:

Key features:
  • Many user interfaces, annotations and field improvements
  • Allow opening documents in tabs instead of frames
  • License management tool for more than 1
    0 users
  • New MSI installer
  • Move the comment list to a vertical square on the right (instead of the horizontal square at the bottom)
  • Easy color change for annotation tools
  • Ability to duplicate a comment (such as a rubber stamp) on multiple pages
  • Export highlighted text
  • Export notes to CSV
  • Anonymize comments to remove author, date and topic
  • The measurement size dialog box can now be minimized
  • Comments tool properties improvements (Options: Show dialog / nothing / popup note)
  • The typewriter boundary box expands too low
  • The typewriter’s position was sometimes incorrect at higher zoom
  • Improve combination formatting of comment size (no decimal point)
  • Resizing the pages should change the size of the note and the font size
Batch features:
  • Add batch for conversion from PDF to SVG / HTML
  • Add batch for exporting annotations
  • Field export comments and form fields: New option to export a single file for all PDF files in batch
  • Reorganizing the batch tab
Editing / editing document content:
  • Change the z-order of content objects
  • Add alignment options when moving content objects
  • New option under Pages to add more documents to the current document
  • Show object numbers under the font tab so you can separate duplicate fonts
Form field:
  • Allow the use of system fonts when creating interactive form fields
  • Enable font properties for form fields under the Ribbon Properties tab
  • Support rich text editing (when enabled in field properties)
  • More options to select Fonts from Document & Local Fonts
  • Add form field Right click Options: Save style by default, save size by default
  • Enable font change in check / radio widget combination when the font is not ZapfDingbats to resolve the checkboxes showing “4” instead of a check
  • Ability to send PDF files using JavaScript cSubmitAs
  • New option for printing as images below the print dialog box
  • Share options under the Print button so you can switch between the PDF Studio Print dialog and the native OS Print dialog
  • More image filters under Fix Scan Dialog
Security and signing:
  • Use the SHA-2 algorithm instead of SHA-1 for secure timestamp
  • Do not give signature notice when saving an unmodified signed PDF
PDF / A / PDF / UA subformats:
  • Allow to clean up PDF / A tag from blue PDF / A banner
  • Add the ability to mark content as an object
  • Implements Undo when you delete an item from the Tags panel
User interface:
  • New “Find tools” to search and find tools on the Belt toolbar
  • Change PDF Studio default start view: Hide thumbnails and resize
  • Make the file tab to toggle (to return to the previous tab)
  • Cursor switching problems even when a tool is active
  • Do not block all frames, only current frames when running OCR or printing
  • Select all instances of search results, not just the current one
  • Add ‘x’ to easily remove / reset search fields
  • Add buttons to enlarge or reduce thumbnails of pages (in addition to CTRL + mouse scroll)
  • Add shortcuts to context menus when appropriate
  • Hand tool spacebar shortcut when using other tools
  • Improve the Page Range option when exporting pages as images
  • Confirm the sign-in dialog and report back
  • Left panel is missing when exiting full screen mode
  • Quick sign: Add the image scaling / editing option
  • Ability to delete layers
  • Manage producer and application under Document Properties + when creating PDF
  • Word Convert – Automatically create bookmarks based on headings
  • Include file attachments when merging entire documents
  • Open the option to turn off temporary file usage when saving to PDF Studio Viewer (under Settings) due to conflict with Webdav and other document storage platforms
  • Add progress bar to Overlay Comparison
  • Remember the last ten colors used in the Vector Overlay Comparison dialog box
  • Introduction: Automatic scaling off by default
  • Support for opening PDF Portfolios created by the Acrobat Outlook plugin
  • Quick Search Box – Options to include comments and broken fields
  • Update the MacOS Notification Support Enhancements Installer
  • OS X 10.11 or later

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