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PDFoo 1.7 – Create URLs for content in PDF files.

PDFoo puts valuable content in your PDFs just one click away! Link to PDF pages, table of contents and even your PDF comments! PDFoo opens access to your PDF files:

  • examine, summarize and link to content in PDF files
  • search PDF and link to results anywhere
  • export annotations with links back to PDF to preserve context PDFoo is a sandbox app running on OS X 10.6-10.9
Version 1.7:
  • Automatic prefix assignment: Now when you open a PDF in PDFoo, the PDF file name will be used to automatically assign a prefix if one was not previously assigned. The first word in the file name will serve as the prefix, provided that: (1[ads1]) there are no more than 10 characters, and (2) it is lowercase. Therefore, if your PDF is named “codeword Sample Document.pdf”, PDFoo will automatically assign “codeword” as the prefix for PDF
  • Now you can more easily share PDF files with other Macs (your own Mac or a colleague’s Mac), and when opened in PDFoo, the PDF will automatically be assigned a prefix based on the first word in the file name. After this automatic assignment, clicking on a pdfoo URL will immediately jump to the right place in the PDF
  • PDFoo now displays a target icon on the page after following a pdfoo URL. This will help you identify the exact position of the page that the URL pointed to
  • Bug fix: Clicking a pdfoo URL when the associated PDF is not already open now opens the correct page
  • Bug fix: The annotation text was not picked up correctly for all comments
  • OS X 10.7 or later
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