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Peloton launches new ‘Bike +’ training bike with Apple Watch GymKit support

The connected fitness equipment market has warmed up in the last couple of years, with Peloton as a leading brand in the space. Today, the company announced a new exercise bike at home, called Peloton Bike +, which has GymKit support for seamless synchronization of the workouts of the Apple Watch.

Peloton Bike + will be available from September 9 for $ 2495. The original Peloton bike will have a price reduction to $ 1895. The company announced a new range of treadmills – find out everything new at Connect The Watts.

GymKit was first announced at WWDC 2017, but admission from manufacturers has been slow. Peloton Bike + is easily the most prominent new product that has come on the market with GymKit integration. With just a touchless touch of the Apple Watch to the NFC reader, the bike and Watch are synced to start a workout and share workout measurements.

When a workout is paused on the watch, it stops on the bike and vice versa. The watch can contribute health data from sensors as its own heart rate monitor, and the bike can tell the watch about things it knows, such as how fast the user is pedaling and what resistance level is being used. The end result is a fairly seamless training experience that provides more accurate measurements and calorie estimates than if the watch was used stand-alone.

Peloton Bike + has a 23.8-inch touch screen that provides the user interface and allows users to connect to Peloton’s fitness classes and social functions. The screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees. It also includes four speakers to listen to music and clearer sound from instructors.

Peloton Bike + will be sold in the US, UK, Canada and Germany at launch. Existing owners of the original Peloton Bike can exchange their model for $ 700 credit upon purchase of Bike +.

For more information, check out our sister site Connect the Watts for details on today’s Peloton announcements.

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