Mike Krahulik, writes on the Penny Arcade blog:

The previous Apple pencil had a small lightning adapter where the eraser would be. This was covered by a small plastic lid about the size of a child's tooth. To charge the pencil, remove this hood and plug the pencil into the flash port on the bottom of the iPad. This was stupid for many reasons.

Firstly, it meant that you could not leave the iPad while the pencil was charging. You should also try not to lose this little little pencil hood. There was also an incredibly fragile connection that always felt like it was breaking. It also looked incredibly stupid. But now! The new Apple pencil attaches to the side of the iPad thanks to magic magnets! This is also how it synchronizes and costs. I want to be honest with you and admit that after using my old iPad for eight permanent months every single day, I had no idea how to check the battery level on the pencil. I never knew it was low before it was time to let the bad thing down. Now when you hug your pencil on the side of iPad, a small bubble shows battery life. Glorious! The pencil itself also feels better in my hand and has a touch sensor on it. You can now double-click the pencil with your finger and this functionality can be customized.

The machine also feels lightning fast now too. I can not believe in any of the multitasking I've been able to pull off. I sent this picture to Kiko the other night because I was drawing in Clip Studio while I had a show that ran in a floating window from the side.

Great reminder that professional work on iPads does not necessarily mean writing or tagging. I also discovered Clip Studio through his post, which looks like a powerful, desktopless manga cartoon that's already updated for 201

8 iPad Pros. Be sure to check out Krahulik's work on Instagram as well.