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People of MacKeeper: Kot, Desktop Engineering Team Lead – Blog

People of MacKeeper are a series of interviews with our team. We talked to engineers, designers, product managers, analysts, marketers and many others to show you the back of MacKeeper. We believe that people are the heart of any business and we want you to meet the heart of the heart. Welcome behind the scenes! Nickname: Kot

Position: Desktop Engineering Team Lead

Random Facts: Do not like questions starting with "What if" or "Imagine that."

Let's go back in time for your first day in the company. What was that?

My first day was eight years ago, in 201

0. I remember getting sick on my first day, so I showed up only three days later. At that moment, my management had left for a business trip, so he did not have the opportunity to board me personally. But he left directions about what I was going to work with, I met the team and started working. I remember that the team was young and everyone was funny. We worked with a super early version of MacKeeper, MacKeeper 0.8 or something.

Why did you choose to work with MacKeeper in the first place?

My former colleague from a former workplace used to be a QA engineer at MacKeeper. He told me about an open position and said that the conditions were much better than in the company where we used to work together. He mentioned an ambitious project with a young team, comfortable office and rather . I took some time to think about it and said "OK. Why not?" Then I was invited to a job interview, actually interviewed, and offered a job. It just happened. As simple as that.

What does your nickname mean? Why did you choose it?

Let's say it's my nickname from the past. I would not change it even if it was given a chance.

Let's talk about your team. What's the role of MacKeeper?

I'm a Desktop Engineering team. Our team is in charge of the new generation of MacKeeper. We are developing a new version and we do everything we can to make it as valuable, useful and comfortable as possible. We are very concerned about the quality. We spend a lot of time analyzing which approach we should take, how exactly any ideas should be implemented. We want the new MacKeeper to be very comfortable and easy to use. We do not only develop, we also care about the quality of the end product. We care about it a lot.

Describe your typical day at work.

These days, it's mostly about planning and intergovernmental meetings. We need to sync with other teams to determine the best ways to implement certain ideas. We also have many discussions in our team. As you can see, at this stage there are many organizational things.

Why did you choose to be an engineer?

I've always been a mathematician. I've never tried to be hard at math, but for some the reason math always came naturally to me. I rarely got a grade because I had trouble remembering the definitions and exact names of theories, but I always knew how to solve math problems. In addition, I have always loved computers, and when I started to code, it was also easy for me. Therefore, I do what I do today.

Name of three traits or skills required for your job.

Logical thinking. Natural curiosity. Intellect.

And what about superpower? Which would be especially useful for your job?

I found my job very interesting. If I could simplify it somehow, it would be less complicated, and thus less interesting to me. Therefore, I take the reality of what it is, accept things like they and do not think much about "what if."

Describe your work in 3 words.

People. Product. Office. And excitement. Can I mention four?

Is there anything about your job that makes you feel proud of where you work?

Talking about the company in general, I'm proud that MacKeeper has grown into such a big company it is today. That is impressive. When I talk about my own achievements here, I'm not able to judge. But … if someone opened our warehouse and underwent the MacKeeper Code, I would not be ashamed. I would be proud of how it is written. Let's say this this way.

What is your personal anti-stress receipt? How do you pick up after a busy week?

I love active leisure. I like to ride. I like to ride on many things. Sometimes it's BMX, sometimes a motorcycle, sometimes a longboard or a skateboard. I love wakesurfing in summer and snowboarding in the winter.

What is your definition of a perfect job or workplace?

To me, it's NASA. It's the place where I really would love to work. Perhaps, if our education system was different, I would not become an engineer and would dedicate my entire life to scientific research and research. Here in our country we have a strong theoretical background but are far behind in research.

I'm the kind of person who could spend hours researching something, dive into detail. Why NASA? Not because of the spray that has been around NASA for the past five years or so, but because it's room-related. I intend to work in something related to rooms since I was a child. Perhaps I would not be an astronaut (the idea of ​​traveling so far freaks me out), but I could work there in another position.

Imagine that you have an offer of your dreams. It's too good to reject so you travel. What advice would you like to give the company and your team before heading out?

At first I would not go straight away. I do not think it's okay to leave the company you've been working for so long without giving notice. I will try to inform my team at least two months in advance.

What about a council, I would not give anything. At this company everyone knows what to do. They should only keep moving forward.

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