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People of MacKeeper: TimTim, Graphic Designer – Blog

People of MacKeeper are a series of interviews with our team. We talked to engineers, designers, product managers, analysts, marketers, and many others who took you back are MacKeeper. We believe that people are the heart of any business, and we want you to meet the heart of heart. Welcome behind the scenes!

Nickname: TimTim

Position: Graphic designer

Random facts: TimTim has friends on all the floors in the office (there are six of them). So on days when he lacks inspiration, he goes to talk to people working up or down. He says it helps him set up for work.

Tell us about your first day at MacKeeper.

On my first day, I knew where to go, continued around me. I didn't even know there were other floors with many working on each. I knew it was the fifth floor where my desk was and that was it.

The first person I met was Mex, a web designer. He looked a bit brutal, even gloomy. He was tall, strong, with a bald head and dark beard. My first thought was "He must be very strict," but he turned out to be the nicest person in the office.

When I first met him, he had one child. Now he has two. Besides, he has already been renovating the house for three years. Despite all this, he remains a very kind person.

Mex introduced me to everyone and told me everything I needed to know.

Have you enjoyed accepting the offer?

I was a freelancer when I saw my friend's Facebook post about the open vacancy. "Why not try?" I asked myself and searched.

To be honest, then I had been tired of working with the freelance. It was time to get back to the office routine. I was looking for changes, so I sent my CV and accepted the offer. It was a good opportunity and I grabbed it. Now I'm glad I did. I really like it here.

Your nickname is TimTim. What does that mean for you?

Oh, it's a cool story. If people who are familiar with this story are still working here, they would probably be fun about it. Well, first of all, TimTim was a compromise from my first choice. I would call myself HelloKitty, but one of my friends didn't tell me. [Thank you!]

So I ended up being TimTim, who is basically the first three letters of my last name, repeated twice. In addition, there is a comic book that I really like, Tintin. He travels the world; life is full of adventure. I associate my nickname with him as well.

Let's talk about business. Which team are you part of? What role does your team play for MacKeeper?

What role? The most important. I really mean it. I'm considering designing the face of a product, it's an important part. Design is the first thing users notice. If they don't like what they see, they won't stick to a product for a long time, no matter how good it is. They will find a more appealing option. It's the reality we live in. So I'm convinced that design plays a big role these days.

What are your most and least favorite tasks?

Here at MacKeeper, designers are really do-it-all people. We do everything from banners to article covers to 3D visuals and web pages. Our team does everything.

My least favorite task is to create pictures for Facebook. Interestingly, my most favorite task is to find something interesting, even when working with those Facebook photos. It's about a perspective; You can find something interesting even in tasks most people find boring.

I love to create something extraordinary, something outside the box. The world of design is so fascinating, and every task is a chance to grow as a professional.

How did you end up working on design?

Everything traces back to my childhood. All the margins of my laptop at school were covered in childish lumps and musings. Neither my teachers nor my parents could understand this. Little did they know that this habit would later transform into a profession.

The most interesting part is that I did not choose Design as my main role. I chose another department, but life got me back on the right path. The second year I studied at the university, I realized that I could not see myself in any other field, but design. So I bought a training book and started drawing in the margins again ̵

1; and not just there. That was a relief.

What helps you keep up with industry trends?

curiosity. Internet. A desire to grow.

I want to make something new, I don't want to repeat anything I've done ten times before. I like to search for new approaches and solutions. When you act this way and the results make you happy, you grow.

Name of three traits or skills necessary for your job.

diligence. A sense of purpose. Childish imagination.

In design you have to be "kidult". You have to be someone who looks at a butterfly that the kids look at them for the first time, asks questions and asks "What's this? How's work going? Why does it look like this?" If you never get old enough to stop Ask questions, you will always be able to look interesting in the ordinary.

If you could choose any superpower to help you with your job, what would it be?

It would help me stop time and see past and future. That way, I can predict that the tasks assigned today, but to be done yesterday, stop the time to have a chance to complete them at a comfortable pace and deliver them at the right time.

Describe your job in 3 words.

Communication. Growth. Amusement.

Is there anything about the job you feel proud of?

I didn't want to go as far as to say I'm proud, but I'm absolutely glad to be surrounded by such ambitious and talented people. In many ways they are above average. They know what they want. They understand where they go. And they will influence the future and the present to make the world a better place. It makes me happy to see how attentive people around me are.

What is your personal anti-stress recipe?

I go to the gym three times a week. This is what helps me to take the pressure off and use excess energy in a positive way. Because, no matter how strange it sounds, when I skip workouts, I feel dirty, a little jumping myself. After a workout, I feel more relaxed and focused.

If you could swap places with an employee of a company for a week, who would this be? Why?

I'd like to see the situation from the business owner's perspective. I think employees in most cases do not understand any decisions or global changes, because they can only see so much. They only know their part of the process. Therefore, it would be interesting for me to spend a week being someone who sees everything and makes great decisions. I know it's a big responsibility. I know I need to be able to think 30 steps forward. That is why I will try and see how much my worldview will change after that.

What job offer you will never reject?

For me it would be an offer from a top design company. There are a few companies I am a big fan of – Wonderlust, ManvsMachine, and ILOVEDUST-they are the coolest in design; they are who I look up to. They inspire me to do my job as well as I can. They are the real pioneers in the world of design.

Imagine now that you have an offer for your dreams, that of ILOVEDUST, let's say. It is too good to reject, so you travel. What advice would you give the company and your team before going out?

I want my colleagues to be true to themselves and to continue, no matter what. They are all cool, talented people who know what they want.

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