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Perfect tempo gives Tempo Control to Apple Music Tracks – MacStories

Nearly 11 years in the App Store, it's not often that an app surface that does something unexpected that no one else seems to do, but Perfect Tempo by the developer Open Planet does just that. The app is a simple tool designed for musicians and dancers who want to slow down or speed up music without affecting pitch and loop it when learning a song. Other programs have the same functionality that I've covered before, but what makes Perfect Tempo unique is that it can reduce and speed up streamed Apple Music tracks, which other programs can't.

When iTunes moved from DRM-protected tracks in 2009, an entire category of tools was made that enabled users to lower and loop the music they purchased without changing the pitch on the track. These apps made it possible for musicians to methodically practice and perfect parts of a song by playing along slowly until they could match a song played at normal speed. One of my favorite examples of iOS is Capo Touch.

These apps became less useful as the music world moved to streaming. Tracks served by Spotify and Apple Music restored DRM protection that did not work with existing music pace apps. You can still buy songs you want to use with the relevant apps in iTunes, and download them locally, but for Apple Music subscribers, the need to buy and download songs they already have access to in Apple Music needs friction and cost of the learning process. . 1

9659004] Perfect Tempo eliminates the pain point. The only real difference between Apple Music tracks and iTunes tracks is how to access them. Apple Music songs require you to search the service's directory, while songs in the iCloud Music Library can be navigated using their own lists of songs, albums and playlists.

Depending on the source of the song you choose to practice, Perfect Tempo uses a different audio engine to reduce or increase speed, but the difference is invisible to users. The result is that the difference between owned and streamed music is meaningless to Apple Music subscribers, so they can focus on practicing a song instead.

In addition to iTunes and Apple Music tracks, the Perfect Tempo uses the iOS document selector to allow users to use audio tracks from any iOS file provider, such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive, and Open Plan Audio Recording Program, Only Press Record. Newly available tracks from any source are available at the top of the app's screen as small thumbnails that can be rolled horizontally. In a particularly nice touch, the Perfect Tempo remembers the pace of recently played songs so you can pick up where you left off at the same pace.

The app's player is reminiscent of the music jacket. On an iPhone, which you are looking for a track to play, a mini-player is available at the bottom of the screen. Once the mini-player is tapped, it expands to fill the screen, revealing a complete set of controls. On iPad, the full player is always visible to the right with music navigation to the left.

From the full screen player, you can increase or decrease the playback speed of a track in increments of 1% up to 50% faster or slower. You can play a track once, loop it in full, or choose a section that loop over and over again. To select a portion of a song in the loop, drag the game head to the start position and press & # 39; Set Start & # 39 ;, then drag it to the end and press & # 39; Set End. & # 39; Without a waveform to show the music visually or in real-time playback of the song as you move the piece head, properly picking the start and end positions, requires some trial and error, but in practice I've found setting up looping sections more easily than I expected. Playback can also be sent to AirPlay speakers and TV.

The only difference between owned and streamed music in Perfect Tempo is that pitch for owned and downloaded music can be adjusted. To access the feature, you must turn on Show Transaction Control Switch in the app's entry in the Apple Settings app. Once activated, you can switch on a song's artwork in the full-screen player's pitch.

Perfect Tempo doesn't have all the bells and whistles in an app like Capo Touch, which can help you pick out chords from a guitar solo, for example. However, the ability to change the pace of some tens of millions of songs available in Apple Music is a significant advantage over similar apps, making Perfect Tempo an excellent new tool for musicians and dancers who want to learn new songs. [19659011] Perfect Tempo is available at the App Store for $ 4.99.

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