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Photoshop CC 2020 Rainbow-Beachballs and Goes Zombie-Process, macOS Catalina Goes Non-Functional requires hard reboot

There are many errors left in macOS Crapalina. Almost all of them will be fooling around forever now that Catalina is a maintenance release. Soon we will be tasting a fiery garbage with new “features” that are permeated with even more bugs: macOS Big Sneer.

A fixed calendar date drives the release of macOS; quality control has zero to do with it. Year after year, a botched macOS Frankenstein falls like a cowpie. Frequent panic updates follow to fix what should never have been sent to customers, and these updates are in themselves poorly tested, causing even more problems and walling of some machines.

Neglected engineering work, irresponsible and negligent practice of quality control, and contempt for work professional needs are now characteristics of Apple Software.

Advice: professionals with work systems should stick to what works, never update to a major new release without any significant benefit̵

1; the last three releases my work has at least just been degraded, with not a single advantage.

Apple or Adobe error? Demolish productivity with software that fails

No hardware changes, just the last MacOS update and the last Photoshop update about two weeks ago or when it was. I do not know which one to blame, and maybe it’s just a macOS error that PS is to blame for, BUT these locks happen ONLY when you run Photoshop.

Ever since the last Photoshop and macOS updates, my Mac Pro system in 2019 has become unstable. WEEKDAY I have to restart it when Photoshop rainbow beachballs.

It goes like this:

  1. Out of the blue, Photoshop CC 2020 (latest) rainbow beachballs. The windows and palettes now cover all other apps, and that alone makes the machine useless. But it’s worse.
  2. Forced killing Photoshop results in Photoshop reappearing as a kind of zombie process. Kill it again, and it’s still there. I’m not sure if it’s a new launch or if Apple’s buggy software doesn’t kill it. I can not be sure, because around this point it will be impossible to start Activity Monitor to check and / or Terminal.
  3. For a short while, other apps work if they have already been launched, but after a minute everything locks up and becomes useless; trying to launch an app hangs and it never happens.

It looks like the I / O system is locked, which means macOS (a regular app should not be able to lock the system). So it suggests that Photoshop may not be wrong. And yet this problem ONLY occurs when you run Photoshop.

The only solution is to pull out the plug and restart it, or to do “sudo restart -q“(if Terminal is already open or can be opened).

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