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Pincodes, Passcodes, and TouchID on IOS


… just kidding … it's actually quite interesting.

I wanted to show the complexity of this database, so I decided to post this as some readers may find it interesting, but do not take my word on this – I can go wrong. Encourage everyone to do their own tests!

This is where it becomes less clear and more research needs to be done. In the Scaler table at any given time there are many entries that contain the keyword "fingerprints" for all kinds of data. I've listed some of the more interesting keys below.

  • com.apple.fingerprintMain.enabled ̵
    1; Binary value – 1 = Enabled, 0 = Not enabled
  • com.apple.fingerprint.countimagesForProcessing – This appears to be the number of times that TouchID ble used (if it was not used to unlock the device).
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousAttempts & com.apple.fingerprint. Campaigns – Match Attempts – How many times a TouchID was attempted, but not allowed for some reason, your fingers might be wrong or greasy from a hamburger! (Come on, we've all been there)
  • com.apple.fingerprint.unlock.bioLockouts – I found this key to increase when I tried to unlock the device with the wrong finger too many times.
  • com.apple.fingerprint.unlock.passcodeUnlocksNonMandatory – The user entered the password, but they were not required to do so.

Fingerprint Registration

  • com.apple.fingerprint.enroll .attempts – Fingerprints "registered"
  • com.apple.fingerprint.enroll.popup.tooLittleMoves – Apparently, I moved not my finger enough when I registered.

TouchID Passes – Different keys I've seen that show the details of how a TouchID match was passed. Many of these are difficult to test to explain.

  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousPassesAfterHomeButton – Elevated when a match was made after the home button was pressed.
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match. autonomePassesAfterPowerButton – Incremented after startup when TouchID was used (by password of course).
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousPassesButtonDown – Increased after the home button was pressed or "pressed" if you have a Solid State button.
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousPassesButtonLifting
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousPassesButtonUp
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousPassesButtonUpWithPressureMitigation [19659006] com.apple.fingerprint .match.autonomousPassesHumid – I guess this must be done if you are a living body or not.
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.passesButtonDown
  • com .apple.fingerprint.ma tch.passesButtonUp

TouchID Failure – At the back if a fingerprint fails – we have Many keys with many reasons, many with the same characteristics as above, but failed.

  • com.apple. fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsBadImageBadBlocks [1945901219659006] [] [comapplefingerprintmatchautonomousFailsCancels
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsFingerOffAfterHomeButton
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsNoMatchAfterHomeButton
  • com.apple. fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsNoMatchAfterPowerButton
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsNoMatchButtonDown
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsNoMatchButtonLifting [19659006] com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsNoMatchButtonUp
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomousFailsNoMatchButtonUpWithPressureMitigation
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.autonomous FailsNoMatchHumid – I guess I might have been a little under the weather? 😉
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.failsNoMatchButtonUp
  • com.apple.fingerprint.match.failsNoMatchHumid

To get specific, TouchID locks seem to be recorded in & # 39; com. apple.fingerprintMain. unlock.unlocksByFinger * keys.

As far as I can tell the keys that contain "unlocksByFinger" (colored below in yellow) contains the actual number of locks, but in the example below the total number of locks was 11, not 22. I'm not sure why there are two entries – I'm sure they are registering different items, but I do not find documentation to sort out each individual. I would trust the "com.apple.fingerprintMain.unlock.unlocksByFinger # Fail" entries. (In addition, it's worth noting that if you get "Finger2" entries, they have an attached ie: com.apple.fingerprintMain.unlock.unlocksByFinger2Fails, maybe a weird type in the code ?)

fails "in the key seems to suggest that" failed "attempts are detected, but the test shows that these are in the green highlighted" unlocksCanceled "entries instead.

What is QT? no clue. I tried to review the Apple documentation to find out, but I have nothing. Suggestions are welcome!

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